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Coming through the other end when told your life is gone

By Shaun Gibson, published on Aug 30, 2013

People often ask me what is it like to have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain syndrome, I can't find words, the closest I can come with an answer about the pain is "All over body toothache" pain, and the picture above doesn't really give the pain justice.

I just turned 40 years old, I never get ill, as in colds or the flu, ever, I can't remember being ill, as, in bed ill, just never happens. The pain came one day when I was around 20 years old, I was playing football (Soccer to the people from the USA) and I got tackled by two people at the same time, I felt the pain right away,... (more)

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Why Everyone Deserves to be the Star of Their Own Biography

By ddmw, published on Apr 2, 2011

A biography represents not just the opportunity to regale the world with details of the latest fashion dilemmas faced by Jordan or Paris Hilton, or sordid affair embarked upon by Wayne Rooney, but also the chance for each of us to preserve something very special and quite unique.

Not for a minute am I suggesting that each of us should seek to gain fame and recognition by publishing the most intimate exploits of our lives, or attempt to make a fast buck by cashing-in on the current voyeuristic obsession with following the most mundane aspects of a person's life. No, the... (more)

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