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Why Some Cycle Theories Make No Sense

By neil6, published on Jan 19, 2014

...lives, we are left with the two most common occult theories ie. astrology and numerology.

Try a test for me. Google search <12 year cycles of life> and see what you get. You get Jupiter, Jupiter and more Jupiter, and to my pleasant surprise you get a couple of entries for 'Life Cycles'. Now astrology interprets the planet Jupiter, which orbits the Sun every 11.8618 years (which they would say is close enough); to be one of many influences on your life and your personality. You know, they have this funny phrase :- "being ruled by this, that or the other astronomical body", ... (more)

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The Second Time Around-Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio

By neil6, published on Feb 11, 2013

...the beginnings of their romance; their brief, disastrous marriage and their second chance, which was cut short by Marilyn's tragic death. I am going to shed a new light on the love life of the uber-famous Marilyn Monroe, using the brand new concept of 'Confluence', taken from the all-new 'Life Cycles' theory. I am going to show you what underlies their somewhat improbable romance and just why they were 'the loves of each others lives', even though Marilyn's behaviour did not always demonstrate this. Be in no doubt, they had a fated life as a couple and could have arguably grown old... (more)

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The Truth About Love-'Confluence' and Pink

By neil6, published on Nov 12, 2012

...moves, And I don't need you tonight.

And guess what? I'm having more fun, And now that we're done, I'm gonna show you tonight.

But that wasn't quite right was it? There was, in fact, more to come with Pink and her husband Carey Hart after their split in 2008. You see in 'Life Cycles' terms they were 'Confluent' for a couple of months in every second 'significant year' (ie. 19/24 and 31/36). Now they didn't meet till Pink was past 19, so their only adult period of 'Confluence' has been July to September, 2011.

One of the main things about 'Confluence' in... (more)

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Frank Lloyd Wright And The Two Time Revolution

By neil6, published on Oct 13, 2012

... somewhat disappointing by comparison.

However I'm like a detective, as you know, and I had already done some of my research on Frank before my enjoyable tour with the affable Rick, who was a keen historian. I knew exactly the two events in Wright's early life I wanted to know about in 'Life Cycles' terms. Frank was born June 8, 1867 so he was in his first adult, age 24, 'Year of Revolution' between June, 1891 and June, 1892. He was then working for renowned architect Louis Sullivan, had married, taken out a $5000 loan (a large sum in those days) from Sullivan to build his first home... (more)

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Camelot Was Built On Confluence

By neil6, published on Sep 28, 2012

...immodest reply! Let's do some basic checking shall we? John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born May 29, 1917 and Jacqueline Lee Bouvier was born July 28, 1929. Their birth years were twelve years apart, which you should know by now makes them 'Confluent' for 10 months out of a possible 12 in every 'Life Cycles' 'significant year' (ie. 19/24/31/36 and 43 in their case). That's the closest match I have presented to you so far. Now we all know they had relationship difficulties, due mostly to JFK's philandering and Jackie's overspending, so how exactly did their relationship work and why could it be... (more)

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One Small Step-Neil Armstrong and 'Confluence'

By neil6, published on Sep 2, 2012

... Collins, were told:- "The guys who are going to fly the first lunar missions are the guys in this room." This was to be the new age/directions for the eventual team. However, it is arguably a little outside Aldrin's 36th year (which ended on Jan. 20th, 1967), but in terms of other aspects of 'Life Cycles' theory, it's a complete match.

However, I'm an obsessive researcher. I'm not going to just sit back and let matters be with Buzz Aldrin. The record shows that Aldrin was confirmed as a pilot on the Gemini 12 Mission (11th to 15th November, 1966). This was the last Gemini mission and... (more)

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The Revolutions of Vince McMahon-He's Pinned 1,2,3,4,5

By neil6, published on Feb 18, 2012

OK all you wrestling fans (and I put myself in this category having just watched Wrestle-Mania 26), I'm going to tell you a true story about the life of the Chairman Vince McMahon. But of course I tell it like no-one else, because I use the all new and all different 'Life Cycles' analysis, which primarily looks at what happens in a person's 'Revolution Years'. That is every 12 years, which means the ages of 12,24,36,48 and 60 (in Vince's case). I am saying there is an upheaval in your life every 12 years and that it ushers in a new era and that you are not fully in control of events. I just... (more)

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What's Wrong With The Development Industry?

By neil6, published on Jan 20, 2012

We're not going to feature any one single life in this post, rather we'll look at what's good and bad about the Self Development industry and how it compares to 'Life Cycles'. I read estimates of the annual value of this industry as being around $10 billion, so there is no doubt it is big business. There are undoubtedly many sincere and professionally trained practitioners, who are providing a service to those who feel the need for extra motivation. But there are two major criticisms about the books written and products offered.

The first major area of concern is the attempt to link... (more)

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Will The Word End Dec. 21st 2012?

By neil6, published on Nov 29, 2011

... going to fall out of the sky when all the computers failed on Jan. 1, 2000? Or the myriad previous end of world scenarios. The only part of this that is correct is that on Dec. 22, 2012 those blogs will either disappear or produce some new date.

OK, now what has all this got to do with Life Cycles? Why do I care? The answer is I only care because my carefully assembled research means the complete reverse to the 2012 theories. Namely the possibility of my case histories happening by chance alone is equally infinitesimally small!

Read all my blog entries for 2009. I welcome you... (more)

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Cadel Evans Life Cycles-At The Top Of The Mountain

By neil6, published on Oct 28, 2011

...when you were expected to win.

Now he went on to win this year, but it's not in one of my 'significant years'. Why do I say he's 'at the top of the mountain'? Well to find out for yourselves, you're just going to have to read the full incredible, and I promise you mind-blowing, 'Life Cycles' theory, in my soon to be released book 'The Life Cycles Revolution'. This isn't yet ready however, but I'll tell you when it is. Think about the Cadel Evans eras. At 12, begins the mountain bike era. At 24, begins the road racing era. This is as straightforward as Novak Djokovic and... (more)

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