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Face-to-Face with My Empty Nest Life

By HomeRearedChef, published on Jul 18, 2014 walk an empty house with empty rooms with only pictures and bits and pieces scattered-about to show that they once did really live here.

I am just only now barely finding relief from that dreaded syndrome, Menopause. And here comes the Empty Nest to face.

Dam ageing! Dam life changes! Dam my weakness to accept!

My house rings empty, empty of my children’s voices. I miss their laughter and loud talking; I miss their little voices with off-key singing, oh, how I miss their off-key singing. And I miss their fighting and taunting one another. I even miss them... (more)

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Menopause versus Andropause

By HomeRearedChef, published on Feb 14, 2013

Their symptoms are just as real as what women go through in “menopause”, and “andropause” is just as taboo, if not more so. Talking about ones change of life, be they male or female, and all its myriad issues, is by far the most difficult conversation to have, even among [close] couples that have been married many years.

The symptoms of Andropause experienced by men will vary: decreased energy and libido (lack of interest in sex and/or erectile dysfunction due to low testosterone levels) obvious muscle aches, not able to get a good night’s sleep, and, yes, even hot flashes, night sweats... (more)

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