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US Air strikes on Syria within the next 24 hours

By Shaun Gibson, published on Aug 27, 2013

According to an Reporter Natasha Mozgovaya Obama is preparing imminent strikes against Syria without any evidence nor an Congress vote expect for consulting with few members of the congress such as the outspoken interventionist Eliot Engel. This is all over the net, American have been “Getting ready” in Cyprus, also. According to this report, Russia has provided under contract advanced missile systems to Syria. In addition, it is actively patrolling its port in Syria.

This is it I am afraid.

This is viral. all over the net, done deal. we are all fucked.

Keep an... (more)

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Are we being LIED to about Syria and Chemical Weapons Use?

By Shaun Gibson, published on Aug 26, 2013

A different spin on the Syrian issue just now, I will ask the Question, is Syrian being filled with Western supporters in terms of people with Guns, terrorists, with Western views? I think it is possible. In Libya I believe Western thinking people came in from the East and destabilized the entire country, Gaddafi went from being held head high through his country in support to being killed live on TV. I know friends from Libya and they said after Gaddafi died that is was the belief of many that Western controlled al Qaeda fighters, who were armed to the teeth by the West were to blame,... (more)

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Mitt Romney's Blatant Opportunism

By Caballero_69, published on Sep 14, 2012

With his disgraceful comments regarding the Foreign Service and the Obama administration in the aftermath of the murder of American diplomats in Libya, Myth Romney revealed he is a rapid-response opportunist enfolded steeped in cynicism and smugly satisfied as such.

On Tuesday morning, the U.S. embassy in Cairo issued a statement which “condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims—as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions. Respect for religious beliefs is a cornerstone of American democracy. We firmly reject the actions... (more)

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Evil under the Mask of Faith

By Anastasia , published on Sep 13, 2012

The murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi called to mind one of my previous BrooWaha articles on Libya (Making war on the Dead, March 14, 2012). I never believed in the fake promise of the Arab Spring. Let me be even more frank: these people are incapable of freedom. They are immersed, they will always be immersed, in darkness, hysteria and fanaticism. Let me remind you of some of my previous words:

Why, oh why, I continually ask myself, did the West ever get involved in wretched palaces like Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya?Why did we not just leave the people in these dreadful... (more)

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Making War on the Dead

By Anastasia , published on Mar 14, 2012

...He grovels as Americans die. What other president in history would have sunk so low? See how far a great country has sunk under the guidance of the new Great Helmsman.

Why, oh why, I continually ask myself, did the West ever get involved in wretched palaces like Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Why did we not just leave the people in these dreadful countries to get on with their own clannish and debased lives? We wasted precious blood and we wasted precious resources in gifting ‘freedom’ that is no freedom. All we have done is uncork the bottle, letting out the genie of... (more)

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Justice is a Moveable Feast

By Anastasia , published on Oct 30, 2011

Further to my previous article on Libya’s Mad Colonel (Do You Know Right from Wrong?) I can report that the National Transitional Council (NTC), the body that supposedly governs the ungovernable, has given up on the death by crossfire suggestion. Unfortunately for them there was too much cell phone footage. Now, unsettled by international condemnation, not just over the way he died but the chamber of horrors display of his remains, it has said that whoever killed Gaddafi will be “judged and given a fair trial.”

That’s an interesting way of putting things, don’t you agree? First comes... (more)

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Do You Know Right from Wrong?

By Anastasia , published on Oct 23, 2011

... Kings, a bloody corpse, most of his body covered by a blanket, clearly to hide the true nature of his wounds.

It's palpably obvious what happened despite the attempted cover up by the politically embarrassed and impotent National Transitional Council (NTC), the group that supposedly rules Libya, which claimed that he was killed in a 'cross-fire' on his way to hospital. It's a lie. Nothing in the Mad Colonel's life became him so much like the leaving it. He left pleading, pulled from a drain, a bewildered and bloodied old man, asking his baying captors, who called him a dog, if they ... (more)

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Cassandra’s Tears

By Anastasia , published on Aug 21, 2011

I have a sense of déjà vu. Here we are again. Civilians in Libya are in danger as armed men advance close to a major urban centre. Will the United Nations act, will a resolution be passed? Well, they did the last time, passing the vague and precipitate Resolution 1973, intended, so the line went, to ‘protect’ civilians. Ah, but protecting civilians in Benghazi and the east was one thing; protecting civilians in Tripoli and the west quite another; for there the Minotaur sits in his labyrinth.

Things are moving rapidly in Libya, with rebel forces now fighting for control of the port... (more)

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The Bell Tolls

By mantra lotus, published on Apr 5, 2011

At the nape of your neck.. my pale fingernails linger in thin curls

softly pressing you into my cheek..

your ear to mine..

around my shoulders you rest..

tender grazing on satin sheets..we wrap each other..

we hold and console

carefully concealing one another..

tightly safeguarding...

At times I am underneath you.. hiding and retreating, guarded, kept warm and protected

At times I become your wings..stretching myself wide on top of you..allowing you to drift

we take turns lifting each other

we take... (more)

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