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Maryam Rajavi Predicts Imminent End of Iranian Regime

By siavoshhosseini, published on Jul 4, 2014

At a press conference to mark the annual gathering of Iranian in Paris, Maryam Rajavi, the president-elect of the organization, seemed to predict the imminent collapse of the mullahs’ regime in Iran. Speaking to reports from both French and English-language media, she outlined the problems facing the regime, and the opportunities that this presents for the resistance and the people of Iran as they suffer under the repression of the Mullahs regime.

“The regime’s crises will only intensify,” Rajavi remarked, elaborating that the greatest of these crisis is the “popular outrage of the Iranian... (more)

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The Slow Decline of Rampant Individualism

By Notumbus Bumbus, published on Apr 18, 2012

A kind of false differentiation has existed within the Western thought-stream for the past several hundred years, that which divides the rights of the individual from the rights of the community at large. While this differentiation began essentially as a response to the authoritarian rule of kings, it has reached its apotheosis in the late 20th Century and into the first decade of the 21st. Beyond the insistence of various groups pushing for laws to further expand such rights, the advent of personal electronics, especially the so-called smart phone, has placed even greater autonomy into the... (more)

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Patriotically Speaking

By Caballero_69, published on Aug 11, 2011

...candidate speaks casually about secession, he disqualifies himself for the presidency. When Congressional committee chairs attack American citizens due to their religious faith, they dishonor their office and deserve to be exposed. Call upon all Americans to defend the noble ideals of liberty, equality, justice and prosperity for all. Remind us of who we are and about what we should care most. As Republicans seek to slice and dice the populace into groups then can play off against one another in pursuit of electoral victory, emphasize their disservice to the Constitution they have... (more)

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