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Hey, why don't you people go back to Africa?

By D. Ware, published on Feb 8, 2012

...slavery. A few of the organization's most prominent members included James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, Francis Scott Key, and Daniel Webster. With support from Congress and third party donations, the group was able to raise enough money to finance their colonization project.

The Founding of Liberia

The Elizabeth set sail for West Africa in January of 1820. It left New York with 88 black emigrants and three ACS representatives. The majority of the emigrants were born free and had never experienced slavery. Within weeks of landing in West Africa, yellow fever claimed the lives of... (more)

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Difficult to help

By Worldman, published on Nov 11, 2011

After last year's post election crisis in Côte d'Ivoire, many Ivorians did seek refugee in neighboring Liberia.

They were well received by the local Liberian population and the international community started immediately to design programs and activities to help both the refugees and the local population. Water, food, health and security are the basic needs that have to be covered immediately and efficiently.

Throughout 2011, a tremendous task has been done to possibly provide this assistance. But since a few month, there is the rainy season. It will, luckily, come to an end soon.... (more)

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