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By Barbara MacDonald , published on Aug 29, 2013

Straight from the heart

These words said

Somehow they

Appear to be dead

No longer holding

Meaning or worth

Who stole it

A drifting presence


You shall not possess

The unknown

A phantom illusion

Lost in the chaos

A ghost of untruth

No reality...

And so it goes

And so it was

Unwinding the creation

Facing the lose

Scattered beyond

All that was real...

Left on the pavement

Placed with a kiss

Abandoned dreams

Will... (more)

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Letting Go and Finding Peace

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Mar 26, 2013 say that you still feel anger and hurt about something done to you. Especially if you have been stuffing those emotions and feelings, burying them under layers and layers to protect yourself. Building walls to feel safe.

When we first look at anger we may not recognize that underneath it may really be frustration, hurt, disappointment or some other feeling. Even if you tell no one else, be honest and admit your true feelings to yourself.

Once you do this, you are much closer to letting go of this negativity and moving to a place of peace within.


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“Cut the cord, mom!” But My Heartstrings Are Still Attached

By HomeRearedChef, published on Dec 20, 2012

So don’t tell me not to worry, because I will and I do. I can turn a blind-eye when necessary, I can even keep my big mouth shut, once-in-a-while, but my heartstrings are still attached. Them I cannot sever. They are attached and twisted into knots forever, with no undoing.

Only God knows how I have tried to keep my children from making the same mistakes as I have, trying to keep them from tripping over the same stone, from falling into the same ditch… But learn from their own mistakes they must.

I never listened to my mother either!

But neither will I accept that just... (more)

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Sweet Child Of Mine...

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Nov 12, 2012

Please do not think I don't care when I tell you I am letting doing this I am offering you total respect. Does this seem confusing? Let me try to explain so you know my intention.

My sweet child, I will always stand with you and for you... letting you grow to be all that you can means I have to surrender trying to "fix" everything for you. Allowing you to make mistakes , so that you will learn from this who and what you value in life. Teaching through natural consequences; which I believe will make you stronger . You will face many obstacles in life, and as your Mother,... (more)

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Tomorrow Is Gone

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Jul 28, 2012

Tomorrow Is GoneTomorrow is gone

Lost in a sea of forgotten


No longer holding

Truth or meaning...Ending with no chance

Of even beginning

Buried in so many false

Promises and illusions

Apparitions of lost dreams...Moving past and beyond

Not looking front nor back

Eyes closed to anything that

Tries to draw my attention

My heart emptied of caring...I walk on past this phantasm

Holding on to only proven reality

Devoid of perplexity or scripted

Words which bring only confusion

... (more)

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At Some Point In Time

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Jun 12, 2012

At Some Point In Time

At some point in time

the past hurts

betrayals to our souls

scars on our hearts that can't be healed...

or refuse to be--

they simply must be left

buried in time

as holding on to them leaves the wound raw

holds us captive


no one wins and everyone loses even if we can not see this

we are stuck in time...

unable to move ahead or reach beyond what was

it is a choice between staying chained to darkness or stepping

into the light....

... (more)

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Ghosts of Christmas Past: You Can't Go Home Again

By Sylvia Smith, published on Dec 18, 2011 with all my heart. You’re the other half of me. It’s unfair in a lot of ways. But this is who I am. Do you still love me?”

I was stunned by a sudden peace I didn’t recognize, overcome with perfect love that lifted me high over the street, gave me a lightness of letting go. It was – inexplicable, and sudden, like a recognition.

“Oh my God! Wow. Well, I think I love you more. Are you all better now? Will you be OK?” I stroked his cheek, which was tense again underneath like a coiled spring.

We wrapped our arms around each other and held ... (more)

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You: Stable and Strong

By Cynthia Occelli, published on Mar 31, 2011

"They are tossed to drunken heights, only to be brought down into a sludge of headachy despair; their arrogance gives way to humiliation at the next curve of the switchback." —Patrick White

It is easy to lose sight of oneself as the most powerful person in one's life. Reinforced by the masses and the media, we forget our power to create our lives and control our emotions.

After years of thinking and living this way, one becomes a feather in the wind.

When things are good they feel exuberant, invincible and can even become self-aggrandizing or haughty. On the ego's... (more)

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By Cynthia Occelli, published on Mar 31, 2011

Imprisoned within the walls of unhealthy competition, criticism, self-doubt and insecurity, are crowds of people waiting for some illustrious person, authority or event to choose them.

For some, a love interest holds the jailhouse key. For others it's a career opportunity, title, status, money or accolade. The prisoners believe that being chosen will prove their talent, loveability or enoughness. They are certain that happiness is on the other side of being picked.

Who or what must select you for you to finally feel good enough, successful or complete?

No one... (more)

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