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Will The Word End Dec. 21st 2012?

By neil6, published on Nov 29, 2011

...they are 36, then I must be able to point to examples (and sometimes examples of age 24 and age 48 revolutions).Read Chapter Three of Life Cycles as I take famous historical figures and produce evidence. Look for yourselves at Aristotle, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Winston Churchill, Hitler and JFK. I didn't comb through a list of dozens or hundreds to get these I just read one summary after another. That's right every single case I studied is in there. Think about it. Do you think it a mere coincidence that Alan Alda began the MASH series at 36 or ... (more)

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Da Vinci The Man, Short But Sweet,'Questions'

By Lionardo da Vinci, published on Sep 17, 2007

... but as a man with the insight to project what was to come hundreds of years in the future. While society was just emerging from the dark ages into the renaissance, DaVinci was foreseeing and inventing, and in his mind living a future several ages beyond his own. Questions aboundâ: ho was Leonardo da Vinci really? Was he a "Renaissance Nostradamus"? A seer? A man with the uncanny insight to predict the inventions to come, or was he just a mere mortal with a superior intellect?

Did he divine the keys to unlock all types of religious, economic and political secrets hidden behind doors ... (more)

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Leonardo da Vinci, Pictures within Pictures

By Lionardo da Vinci, published on Aug 2, 2007

The DaVinci project has been under way since 2005 with hundreds of "Pictures within Pictures." We are in the process of building a comprehensive documentary presenting these extraordinary findings. Leonardo da Vinci, "Pictures Within Pictures ", Outside the box, outside the frame: an intimate and divine truth hidden for centuries at last unveiled in the Mona Lisa, and yes, in other of Leonardo's works including his first recorded drawing, the Landscape of the Arno Valley and his masterpiece, The Virgin and Child with St. Anne and the infant St. John... (more)

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