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Extortion Money, Legal!

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 4, 2012

What is extortion? The underworld dog hounds, the dirt of society that believe the world owes them a living have made there own system that exists. Hard to break when the government allows extortion to be a legal business expense. Yet the police dont see the extortion when it is in front of them. They believe the drunken, drug ridden types that do the extorting for a few wealthy people that are many people away. Allowing the extortion to be at arm's reach.

Fighting the war on drugs, should be we are focused on what is happening. We look at where the drugs have been in the history... (more)

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$12 Billion Black Market epidemic Legalise Drugs in Aus.

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 1, 2012

...that in Australia are on Unemployment benefits sponsored by the government to be in this position.

The Standover tactics, the threats, the police who hussle the evidence to make this crooks push them for a mistake in the system to be caught. Yet the police are just pawns in the game of Drugs that the world has entered into.

Do we legalise drugs well for maybe not a $12 billion return, yet for most I would say. Drugs should be made legal with governments controlling the drug material and the dollars.

Doesn't the government of the day need the tax on this money?


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