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Starbucks holds out in the legal battle for possession

By benleedavis, published on Jul 10, 2014

Starbucks is still not out of its legal coup, if sources are to be believed. Pete Keelan and Ed Dublois, the two owners of Equinox Square Plaza, have filed a legal motion, in order to have the appeal filed by Bill Drunsic dismissed. Bill is currently also serving as the acting chairman of the town's Planning Commission.

The appeal, issued on May 15th, was filed in order to challenge the decision of the Development Review Board which was primarily concerned with converting a former bank office into one of the Starbucks centers. However, as per the appeal of Pete and Ed, Bill does not... (more)

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Leaving a Judicial Footprint: California Family Law

By Rushgal, published on Mar 31, 2010 show up. I have twice left a judicial footprint by exercising my Constitutional Right to communicate with the world: here in the BrooWaha community and as follows:

Elkin's Family Law Task Force Address

Good Morning, my name is Cheri Bartow, and I've been a family law paralegal for the better part of the last 7 years and a party in a high conflict custody proceeding in Sonoma County since 2002. Thank you for listening to the public opinion, it's obvious you have truly been listening. I have reviewed hundreds of recommendations prepared by Family Court Services... (more)

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