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French tax administration helps Guy Wildenstein to disinherit

By Olivia Harris, published on Jan 9, 2014

In the Wildenstein family, women are not really lucky with inheritance. That is the least one could say when taking a look back to history of these uncommon art dealers’ family. For 10 years, Sylvia Roth struggle in court to get the inheritance her husband Daniel Wildenstein wished to give her. She was deceived by her in-laws who told her that the inheritance would come along with tremendous fiscal debts in France. The story was made up, but Sylvia believed it. Hence she was deceptively convinced not to take her share of the family’s fortune. When she realized she had been played on,... (more)

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Soul Dance

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Sep 3, 2012

... birth? What does your soul say As it plays out your own unique song? What does your conscious freedom Think of this creation? What does your existence express? What do you offer to the universe That is different than what others bring? What joy do you give? What joy do you leave as a legacy? Envision life as universal souls Entwined in humane purpose Dancing on the same stage What beauty would it endow? What reminiscence imparted? You are this soul What memory shall you leave? Dance with joy and freedom Give birth to love... "Life may not be the party we hoped for, but ... (more)

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Tell Me...Just Asking...

By Barbara MacDonald , published on May 9, 2012

...our own personal truthsI know you can teach me I also can open your eyesTo something you are blind to...We are like a flower waiting to blossomSpilling forth endless beauty and peaceLove is our gift to ourselvesEncompassing all mankindJoining us in truth and wisdomWhat will you sow when given the choiceThe endowment you leave lives on within All you have touched in this brief momentWill it be reflected in love and joyOr destroyed in anger, hatred , resentmentFind you strengthLet your legacyBe LOVE...Copyright © 2012 Barbara MacDonald" No matter the question, love is always the answer"


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Send Forth a Ripple

By Caballero_69, published on Aug 20, 2011


Let those who would dominate learn how brave opposition feels.

From numerous acts of courage and belief,

Let those imperiled feel a ripple of hope and some hint of relief.

As these million of ripples cross one another from each cardinal direction.

Let the walls of injustice and oppression succumb to correction.

If we should stumbe and if we should fail,

Let the fact that we fought be our legacy's tale.

Though we are not all powerful, we must each strive to be brave.

Let us send forth a ripple when we cannot make a wave.


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By Caballero_69, published on Jun 25, 2011


Some live in consecration to an ennobling creed.

Some clamor and grapple for an ever-increasing share.

Some calmly and contentedly take whatever proportion seems fair.

Some persist in a fevered quest for glory and find enduring shame.

Some persevere in the search for truth and win immortal fame.

Some live with cowardly equivocation and die a thousand deaths.

Some live with courageous integrity even to the point of dying.

Some only improve the world once they are finally gone.

Some build a splendid legacy that lives forever on.


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Have I Told You Lately That I Love You

By Caballero_69, published on Mar 19, 2011

Dear Boys,

I believe you know I have long regarded the Winter Festival as a time for rest, recreation, reading and reflection. In the past few years, I have not honored this belief as well as I recall having previously done and as I resolve to do in the future. I believe, however, this is the first year of return to Winter Festival celebrations as they might and ought to be.

One of the readings I completed this season, is Promises to Keep by Joe Biden, To my delight, it proved to be a treasure trove of insights I could relate to and from which I could learn. One of these is Joe's... (more)

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Before The Moon Walk....

By Kim, published on Jun 27, 2009

I will undoubtedly date myself with this, but it is something that must be shared in memory of a compassionate man leaving a legacy for  all.

A summer night in the early 1970's was filled with anticipation as an anxious relative dropped off two young teens at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, CA

"Ah...., as soon as this thing is over I'll be parked in front of the Greek to pick you up, come right out!"

My best friend and I sighed..."of course"....I remember mumbling, "Where would we go?" as my friend gave me a poke in my ribs.

We got out the car and headed for the... (more)

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