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Changing Markets: Why Tablets Are Dominating Laptops

By Joe Fort, published on Feb 24, 2014

According to predictions by International Data Corporation, tablet shipments will exceed PC shipments by 2015. With tablet sales overtaking PCs, how will this affect the laptop market? Laptops and tablets offer a different user experience, but as technology advances, many wonder if tablets and laptops can coexist. Four reasons why tablets are impacting the laptop market are price, portability, touch screens, and improving technology.


Everyone is always looking for a good deal, so the price is going to be a factor when considering laptops and tablets. Tablets come in cheaper than... (more)

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Do I Really Want to Do This Again?

By Gracey, published on Aug 22, 2010

Last year, right around this time in fact, I came to the conclusion that vacation travel required a laptop. We did in fact have a laptop - an old IBM ThinkPad that still works...but runs at the speed of a snail stuck in molasses.

Let me first say that the last two desktop computers I purchased were custom built to my specs, so I hadn't actually had to walk into a technology store and take what they've got - I got exactly what I wanted. This shopping trip was a whole new ballgame for me.

Once inside the store, I headed straight for the advertised special (the reason I was there).... (more)

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