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By Paul Anthony, published on Nov 27, 2013 of those glorious jewels tourists drive by every day.... And occasionally miss.

The lake used to be called Broad Water but ‘Lakeland’ rumour has it that in 1783 two brothers drowned there whilst ice-skating and it was renamed Brotherswater. It is the smallest of our English Lakes measuring half a mile long and a quarter of a mile wide. Its depth is about 68 feet and it sits in the basin of the valley of Hartsop, close to a hamlet of the same name. Hartsop means ‘Valley of the Deer’, and the term captures the wild rugged landscape of the area.

Since its... (more)

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The Great Canadian Shield and Fishing, of Course

By melanie jean juneau, published on Mar 3, 2013

Where I live in Southern Ontario, Canada, lakes surround us. In fact historically, pioneers labelled our area the Land of One Thousand Islands. Our southern border is the St. Lawrence River, a large seaway that flows from the from the Atlantic Ocean to the five Great Lakes that form the south-eastern boundary of the province of Ontario.This area is part ot the great Canadian Shield, a huge stretch of rock that sweeps up and around Husdson's Bay and Greenland.

Basically. pockets of lakes, hills, small mountains and forests sit on rock. Most valleys are rich farm land with hills... (more)

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