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How exactly do you read a nutritional label?

By Lartinos, published on Feb 13, 2013

Serving Size: Near the very top of the label you will find the serving size. This is simply just the amount of product in one serving of the item you want to buy. The problem that people run into with this information comes down to whether or not the amount shown is actually a serving or not. Manufacturers will purposely put a smaller amount so that you are led to believe it has less carbohydrates and saturated fat than it really has. That is why it is especially important to check out how much a serving indeed is. From there you can judge exactly how many servings you will actually... (more)

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Understanding nutritional labels is vital to losing weight

By Lartinos, published on Jan 3, 2013

It is important to read nutritional labels when you out shopping. Unfortunately most people are ignorant as how to properly read these labels. Most people pick up a product and only check the calorie count, which is not a good gauge a food’s impact on your body as I explained in an earlier blog.

As you pick up a box and look at the label there are different words and numbers staring back at you. Instead of looking at the calories take a look at the total number sugars first and foremost. Sugar has a tremendous effect on our waist line because of it’s effect on our insulin levels. After... (more)

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