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Hot at Home: 5 Ways to Stay Warm in the Winter Months

By emgreen, published on Mar 5, 2014 closed off rooms. This keeps heated air only in the rooms you use. Weather strip and seal your windows, and lay rugs on wood and tile floors. Make sure windows that get direct sunlight are draft-free so you can keep curtains open to let in as much of its warmth as possible.

Use Your Kitchen's Heat

Bake a pie or slow-roast some meat, and let the warm and scented air circulate around your home. Leave the oven open after you turn it off to get maximum heat benefits. Make drinks like peppermint tea and hot cocoa — warm beverages keep you toasty. Even pantry staples like rice or... (more)

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Hoorah For Online Kitchen Planning!

By Jason Kidd, published on Jan 20, 2014

...ago, it’s no surprise that I’ve seen quite a change in the way that we design and plan the different aspects of our home.

Back in the day, when I got the keys to my first little terraced house, one of the priority items on my list of repairs was replacing the ageing and decrepit kitchen. The units were beyond saving, so I ended up ripping out the lot and starting again.

My way of ‘planning’ the new space, was to draw a rough diagram (I think it may even have been on the back of a gas bill) of the room, marking where I wanted the cooker, the sink and the fridge.... (more)

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The Forbidden Zone

By Uttam Gill, published on Dec 9, 2011

...request to them that they can use any vindictive term to define these poor messy creatures...please rattle out in your comments. Right now on behalf of the entire husbands fraternity, I own up that we certainly do not have the required aptitude to manage the affairs at home; especially that of kitchen. It is not that we are not great cook. The problem is we are not meticulous as ladies are. Kitchen is forbidden zone for us. God save the kitchen the day we enter and that is the reason I am prohibited to enter this forbidden zone in her presence. If I do, then it won’t be without the wrath... (more)

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Don't Turn Your Back On The Butter

By Theresa H Hall, published on Aug 13, 2010

Every cook learns this tried and true lesson many times during their kitchen stints. Seems as if I have to be reminded a couple of times a year. There are rules about cooking. The most important is Safety First: watch your fingers, watch your head, close cabinet doors and drawers, don't walk around waving any sharp object ... hold it firmly, pointing toward the floor and away from your legs, lest you accidentally trip. Never leave something cooking on the stove unattended. Remember to use pot holders and wait until a container has cooled down before rinsing it with cool water. If you have furry... (more)

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