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Nigeria Scam

By Jennifer Stone, published on Aug 4, 2012

Nigeria Scams have happened for years, yes. However most of us haven't associated with people that have stalked that person, know that person in the other country.

Organised criminal gangs work from country to country jointly on the same venture for the drug market which inturn changes to MONEY!

Nigeria Scam in the experience I have had, looks like it is an alleged United Nations funding. Which is very wrong from such a criminal gang.

They utilised a state in the USA where the gang is not recognized in that state of the USA as a gang however it is the same gang allegedly... (more)

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New Release Kings Cross Currency

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 23, 2012

From the Notorious Pink Pussycat Club hidden away on Darlinghurst Road Kings Cross was our perfect hideout!

The story had remained untold and unfinished since 1975 yet relevant to today in 2012. The mission was to expose the Kings Cross Currency "The Kings Cross Sting". What did expose was the real reason why the shootings all over Sydney exist. The never before released story has been reported on by a Journalist that disappeared feared murder.

The research has been immense to find the hidden premises that only a few knew existed in 1975. Our Editor in 1975 was working on... (more)

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Kings Cross is Under SEIGE

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 21, 2012

...element of Child's play as the members of the mob have told me.

An exclusive underworld eye view will be coming shortly exposing the drug empire that exists and how the drugs are run through Kings Cross affecting all of Sydney.

A reporter in 1975 was on the trail of the Kings Cross Currency went missing on the 4 July 1975, still today this same company the Heiress was reporting on is causing problems today. The Heiress was going to blow the top on a story to be reported on in 1975 this still blows the drug world apart today.

KX Newspaper The Kings Cross Sting has... (more)

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