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Which 2013 Tablet Is The Best For Gaming?

By djbkk, published on Nov 27, 2013

...generally less expensive than the iPad, it seems that they are struggling to get the same kind of market share as that which is enjoyed by the iPad. The large iPad 4 costs around £500 depending on specification and the iPad mini costs around £260.

The next most popular tablet is the Kindle Fire. This costs around £160, which is possible the reason for its popularity with the older generation. Although fewer 60 year olds play games than do 18 year olds, almost half of that older generation still enjoy playing online casino games even though they might have left games such as call ... (more)

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Paul Anthony Pens Espionage Thrillers and Murder Mysteries

By Wrp68, published on Jan 8, 2012

PAUL ANTHONY has written a number of fictional novels and a collection of poetry which appear in Print, Amazon Kindle, Apple ipad, and PDF download format. Apart from being a Goodreads author, he is also an Amazon author and a 'smashwords' author appearing in multiple download formats. In the past he has been published by a Vanity House and a Traditional Publishing House. He is currently an independent self publishing author with a store front on the 'Lulu' website. He has written both television and film scripts either on his own, or with the award winning screenwriter, Nick Gordon. Paul Anthony... (more)

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E-readers may kill used book stores, but not today

By Doug Stephens, published on Nov 1, 2011

E-readers, such as the Kindle or the Nook, are often in the news, being blamed for wrecking havoc on bookstores. Not all bookstores are the same, however. Some are hardier than others. Those specializing in new books have had to move fast to keep up with the times - a case of adapt or die. Used books, on the other hand, have a higher tolerance for technological change. At least, that seems to be the case for Georgann Francis and Twice Told Tales. Since going public in 2007, e-readers have played their part, along with changing consumer interests and a world-wide recession, in bookstores... (more)

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Kindle bestselling author Vincent Zandri talks ebooks

By boomergirl, published on Jul 15, 2010

...she says, staring out into the darkness. “Mol, is that you?”

Omg, does that give you shivers or what? When you think thriller, forget Alfred Hitchcock. Zandri is Hitchcock reincarnated but with a fresher touch!

I loved Moonlight Falls, Zandri’s last thriller which became a Kindle bestseller before his virtual book tour was over in May, but this latest one, The Remains, which is already on the Amazon bestsellers list, is unbelievable.

What is even more unbelievable is the fact people are now accepting the idea of reading books over e-readers. Back when I was... (more)

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