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A Matter of Time - glimpses of old Cochin

By iancochrane, published on Mar 1, 2013 India young fella?” he asks softly. I detect a smidgin of sing-song Welsh, and answer yes – he’s been talking to Sally – I had lived there for a short time. Hedley slowly eyes me up and down, and adjusts the tubes taped to his arm.

Hedley was based down south; in Cannanore, Kerala. “Left in `47,” he says. I try a quick calculation, and there’s a weak smile from Hedley. “Yes. That’s right. I’ll be 84 this year.”

“It was God’s Own Country in those days young fella; a tropical paradise. We drank whisky and played cricket; me with the best reverse... (more)

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Gestures of KATHAKALI

By Rahul, published on Feb 11, 2013

Kathakali, also known as kali or attam is the greatest visual miracle that Kerala has ever presented to the world of performing arts. This art form from the God’s own country presents stories from the Hindu epics and represents the cultural heritage of Kerala. Attakatha is the literary side which narrates the respective story in the form of poems and slokas, and its expression or presentation in the stage is Kathakali.

In Kathakali meaning of each stanza of the poem is acted out on stage in accurate and well-calculated gestures. Gestures are indispensable part of performing art and the... (more)

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