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Freelance Writing: An Interview With Mayrav Saar

By Ariel, published on Mar 16, 2007 to fix a car -- and I heard it lowered your car insurance rate. But half way through the summer, I learned the autoshop teacher quit and they were canceling the class. My summer school teacher also happened to be the advisor for the school paper. He suggested I take his class and give journalism a go. I haven't looked back since (I also haven't learned how to change my own oil). How did you break into the field, given its competitive nature? I took the traditional route. J-school, internships, jobs at small papers, jobs at large papers. Now that I'm a full-time mom and... (more)

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Max and Jason Style

By C E Walker, published on Mar 4, 2007

...As of this writing, I still haven’t received that pod. Hmmm. C E Walker: Max and Jason style, what is it? Max: That style is the branding that we are giving our pods, that goes back to the juxtaposition we talked about in the beginning. Max and Jason style is a style of gonzo journalism where you can juxtapose to seemingly polar extremes, like hedonism and spirituality or the beautiful landscape of South Beach with an intelligent story like the Jet Set Immigrants piece. Jason: There’s a great strength in that juxtaposition idea. I think a lot of artists have used it ... (more)

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On Kenneth's Anger: The AsianWeek Blunder

By The Dez, published on Mar 1, 2007

...*Staff photojournalists perpetuating the myth that Asians love photography. *A half hour after reading it, you're still hungry. (My comedian friends were waiting for that one) *Lucky numbers printed by horoscope always lottery losers. *Missed opportunities to use the term "yellow journalism." *Asian Week delivery boy shows up late with the wrong order every time. (that's for Darryl - inside joke) *None of the Women Seeking Men ads looking for SWM. *Printing pictures of people with surgical masks makes me wonder what some people know that I don't. *Meeting with ad... (more)

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Welcome to BrooWaha San Francisco

By Urban Dweller, published on Feb 23, 2007

...early September 2006, already counts more than a hundred contributors and has been featured in the LA Times. BrooWaha New York was launched a couple of weeks ago, and a number of other cities are scheduled to join the BrooWaha network in the coming months. Create your account and start using our writing interface today! Please spread the word, make your friends sign up and vote for your articles; it will increase your popularity and your exposure in BrooWaha San Francisco. Journalism needs to be rethought, thanks for joining the revolution. - The Editor BrooWaha San Francisco (more)

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News War

By Josh Marks, published on Feb 22, 2007 currently airing a special four-part investigative series called "News War" and it is about as timely and compelling as anything you will see on television this year. Veteran correspondent Lowell Bergman examines the state of the news media in 2007 and takes a critical look at where journalism is headed. Parts one and two recently aired and they are both available to view on the "Frontline" website at The first two episodes put into context the confrontations between the press and the Bush administration since the president took office, and the thin line... (more)

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Anna Nicole Smith and Journalistic Integrity Mourned

By Wild Bill, published on Feb 18, 2007

...say her reality television show or Naked Gun 331/3: The Final Insult, I'll challenge you to a no holds barred fistfight. Knives if you want. Hell, I'll even up it to chainsaws. I think, more than anything else, society should be outraged at such an audacious display of professional journalism gone awry. Where is the news coverage on the hundreds of innocents dying daily in Darfur? The ethnic power struggle developing into war in Somalia? Russia's blatantly overt climb through the grasp of Putin away from a democratic state? China's harvesting of prisoner's organs without... (more)

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BrooWaha Whips Into New York

By Fantomas, published on Feb 18, 2007

Mayrav Saar from Fishbowl LA (blog for media professionals in LA), wrote a short post about the launch of BrooWaha New York. Here it is: Our favorite homegrown citizen journalism site, BrooWaha, is expanding its reach to New York. FBLA wrote about the 6-month-old Web site when it first launched and noted founder/editor Ariel Vardi's desire for the site to be *the* super-local news spot of Los Angeles. While Old Media-types scoffed, Vardi quietly met his goals. On the site he writes: "I have personally noticed a significant increase in the overall quality of the writing on the website.... (more)

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By Steven Lane, published on Feb 13, 2007

...of just, dry as toast, reporting with an occasional letter to the editor to excite oneself, news gathering and reporting is becoming part of a dialog process. News is about to transform into a "one world" discussion about anything and everything. According to the Ventura Star Free Press article of 2/12/07, "KFTY's switch is an ambitious experiment in "citizen journalism", mainstream media's equivalent of user-generated content at YouTube and Ventura County Star Free press... Sonoma West Times & News/Barry W. Dugan... Golis... (more)

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Interview with Glenn Koenig, Photographer for the LA Times

By Ariel, published on Feb 11, 2007

When the LA Times was working on an article about our very own BrooWaha a few months ago, I had the chance to meet Glenn Koenig, one of their Staff Photographers, when he came to my house to take my picture. Because I have always had a passion for photojournalism, I had a great time observing Glenn at work. I was able to chat with him during the shoot and acquire a few photography tips! We kept in touch and he gracefully accepted to grant BrooWaha an interview and share his thoughts on photography and the state journalism today. The interview is reproduced below: When did you become... (more)

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The Oldest Newspaper in the World goes Web Only

By Steven Lane, published on Feb 8, 2007 a way for her, to let her subjects have a peek into what was happening in the "affairs of State". Pamphlet style, the Queen had the paper nailed to walls throughout her kingdom. Today, it is basically used to print legal announcements. The "oldest paper in the world" joins the future of journalism, rather ironic , isn't it? Is the end of the "printed paper" here, in the now? I agree with many of the pundits that claim that to be the case. I am a creature of habit, for almost forty years, I have gotten up in the morning, brewed my coffee, then sat back and read the morning paper. True, ... (more)

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