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1st BrooWaha Writing Contest Opens

By Ariel, published on Sep 4, 2007, the Citizen Newspaper Network, is launching its 1st writing contest for authors in cities all across the country. The contest will be judged by industry professionals and journalism professors from companies and universities such as the Los Angeles Times, Variety Magazine,, the University of Iowa, and Moorpark College. Authors who have been looking for a new and exciting outlet on which to publish high-quality, cutting-edge articles: look no further! During the month of September, BrooWaha is organizing a writing contest which will reward the best local... (more)

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Living Doll II: The Rise of Talkie Telly

By Jen, published on Jul 21, 2007

...statistic circulated through the media like wild-fire, showing up in such media outlets as CNN, Newsweek, and the Washington Post. However, you won’t find this information in later editions, as it was removed due to lack of scientific support. How’s that for responsible journalism? In fact, until now, no study has reliably addressed the question of which sex uses more words. A previous attempt to put some kind of quantification to this age old myth revealed that women talk only slightly more than men. Estimates of the number of words spoken by men and women of the... (more)

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Sid Rosenberg, the Sultan of Sports Radio

By dsnyder, published on Jul 9, 2007

...class. He has never cared what people thought of him personally, just that they notice the talent. Rosenberg understands his audience. Most sports stations are trying to lasso a demographic of 18- 35 year old males. This age group grew up with cable, ESPN, and the new school of sports journalism. They do not want to listen to three hours of stats and regurgitated newspaper fodder. 790’s South Florida competitor, 560 WQAM, is an example of the old school of sports radio. The programming there is dead, decomposing, and holding onto a fan base by the fibers that hold together... (more)

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Welcome to BrooWaha Houston

By Houston, published on May 11, 2007

...launched in early September 2006, already counts more than a hundred contributors and has been featured in the LA Times. BrooWaha New York was launched a couple of weeks ago, and a number of other cities are scheduled to join the BrooWaha network in the coming months. Create your account and start using our writing interface today! Please spread the word, make your friends sign up and vote for your articles; it will increase your popularity and your exposure in BrooWaha Houston. Journalism needs to be rethought, thanks for joining the revolution. - The Editor BrooWaha Houston (more)

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BrooWaha: Mobilizing citizen journalists

By Poh Si Teng, published on Apr 19, 2007, regular citizens of our respective cities. That's how the BrooWaha project started. The scope of the newspaper then grew from ultra-local to something a little more general, mixing regional news with a variety of other topics. Poh Si: It says at the bottom of the page in fine print: "Journalism needs to be rethought." What do you mean? Ariel: Journalism is a very old discipline that needs a bit of refreshing. The major news outlets like the NY Times and the LA Times are only now focusing their attention on the online versions of their papers. The LA Times announced a month ago... (more)

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Network News- Monstrous Whores or merely Hookers with Hearts

By Venditto, published on Apr 17, 2007

... remind us that the “news” is being brought to us by the drug LIPITOR. Just in case we missed the shameless plug, they made sure to plaster a big ol’ LIPITOR graphic right on the screen. God bless corporate America! There are NO ethics anymore when it comes to responsible journalism. It’s all about sensationalism and fear mongering, ‘cause God forbid NBC loses one more viewer to CNN! Whatever happened to accurate reporting using facts? Today, the facts of a story are secondary to slick production values and the repitition of sponsored logos on the screen. ... (more)

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Every citizen is a reporter - the story of OhmyNews

By Josh Marks, published on Apr 10, 2007

...and his dedicated staff launched an English language version, OhmyNews International, and over 40,000 citizen reporters now contribute to both the English and Korean language sites. With major news outlets such as posting photos, videos and text from citizen reporters and citizen journalism sites such as BrooWaha sparking heated debate in academic circles and editorial pages of major newspapers, OhmyNews has seemingly charted a steady course for itself since it began in 2000 and is now poised to take advantage of the newfound interest in citizen journalism. While most of the... (more)

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Celebrate Life, Read the Obituaries

By Matt Weston, published on Apr 2, 2007

...the game’s start time to avoid a ratings war with NFL games on television (a charge he denied), Kuhn later acknowledged to having worn thermal underwear beneath his suit coat. Along with op-ed and long-form narrative pieces, obituaries have a strong claim over creative prose in journalism. Sticking to the facts is honorable but, let’s face it, can make for dry reading. Lifeless, even. A great obituary reaffirms life while talking about the dead. LA Times Obits of Ida Honorof and Bowie Kuhn, respectively:... (more)

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Local California Paper Taps into Citizen Journalism Market

By Steven Lane, published on Mar 25, 2007, events and opinions on their neighborhood Web site. Every week we take the postings from the Web site and print five different sections and deliver them with the Tuesday Ventura County Star." Hot Diggity Damn, the local press wants a "piece" of the "citizen Journalism" pie. It's a blatant "cake and eat it too" attempt. Same old, same old, at the daily press, but why not try to carve a little niche out of this new concept?, thinks the Newspaper. There seems to be a "fundamental problem"... While, "" is the home website, the main purpose of the... (more)

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Much to Do About Nothing

By Hassassin, published on Mar 16, 2007

In the end, I suppose we write in the search of others who could valiantly disagree or begrudgingly agree. To write for anyone else would make us sick to our stomach, and probably famous. Editorials have been trampled in a stampede of competitive emotions, and investigative journalism has been dubbed defunct by our collective—and overwhelming—conclusion that it is also editorial. And yet, in our disillusionment, meritocracy is born. Not that it wasn’t conceived by our predecessors; indeed, the unassuming and prophetic champions of citizen journalism can even be found amongst the fictional... (more)

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