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Writer's Forum:: Citizen Journalism... What's The Point?

By L DeSilva-Johnson, published on Jun 11, 2009 which we are all engaged.... the appropriateness of content, the tone of language, the depth of research behind claims, and arguments about why or why not things bear publication at all.

Quite a few authors who are involved here are deeply committed to the thing that it "citizen journalism," and in this, approach the work thus seriously. Others perhaps see it as more of a social network with a shared blog component, in which content is barely if at all policed, and serves no particular civic or social purpose.

Instead of continuing to merely argue content, purpose and... (more)

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Literarily Speaking With Bestselling Author Wendy Wax

By boomergirl, published on May 28, 2009

... New York and Chicago who were willing to help me with details that were important tomy characters.

You have done on air work, voiceovers and produced a variety of commercial projects and several feature films. Can you tell us more about this?

Wendy: I was a broadcast journalism major in college and worked in radio, TV and film for many years. I was with a PBS-TV affiliate in Tampa and left there to do freelance voice over and on camera work for commercial and corporate projects. I also worked on a number of feature films.

The most memorable of these... (more)

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Looking For My Voice

By Christopher Gibson, published on Apr 16, 2009

... a writer? I read constantly, devouring page after page of mostly non-fiction, but peppering in a novel or two for good measure. Reading about the authors of these works usually goes something like “so and so graduated from such and such university with a degree in English”, or Journalism, or 18th century poetry, or any other number of degrees that require hour upon hour of studying and perfecting the written word. Very rarely do I read about the author and it goes something like “This author barely finished his associate’s degree, but decided he wanted to write ... (more)

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Micro Loans For Journalists

By travelingseth, published on Apr 13, 2009

Hey Broo.  So I was on the other day, and who do I see on the oh-so-important Digg homepage?  DigiDave, aka Broo’s San Francisco editor.  He was promoting his new journalism startup nonprofit,; the most brilliant freaking idea I’ve seen in a long time.Basically, it’s  micro-lending applied to investigative journalism.  People go to the site, browse pitches, and “micro-fund” (donate whatever amount they want), to fund articles they want written; typically on an issue your failing local paper can no longer afford to cover.  If the story gets funded, tries to sell the... (more)

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Broowaha Connections. In The Flesh

By travelingseth, published on Jan 21, 2009

... limits.  He was working right now!  His job was to fly to San Francisco and research salvia.  I just worked a ten hour day editing technical documentation in a cubicle.  In San Jose.

“But the technology is amazing!”, I counter.  “Once it comes together it will be so good for journalism!” Sure, 99% of it—“citizen journalism”, “user generated content”, or whatever, is crap.  But that remaining 1% is huge.  And the filters are there.  Put up quality content, and Digg or YouTube, or some other site finds it.  Creators aren’t getting paid yet, but the money is... (more)

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Time's Joe Klein: The Lamest Writer

By D. E. Carson, published on Nov 26, 2008 recent fictional depictions of the President as an amiable lunkhead in Oliver Stone’s W and in Curtis Sittenfields’s terrific novel American Wife.” But it’s what prefaces that comment that reveals Klein’s raging hatred for Bush. Klein said, “It is in the nature of mainstream journalism to attempt to be kind to Presidents when they are coming and going but be fiercely skeptical in between.” Yeah, right.

For the last eight years, mainstream journalism has been there at every turn of the wheel undermining Bush for everything. Not a day has gone by that some member of... (more)

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October's Featured Contributor - Bill Friday

By Digidave, published on Oct 6, 2008

...years in Orange County, and now, the last six years in Redondo Beach. I work six days a week on my laptop and five nights at LAX. All of L.A. is my home. I wish I could say I wrote more local stories – it’s that first-person, hands-on perspective that should drive Citizen Journalism – but it’s also what makes Citizen Journalism such a difficult and vital form of expression. I wish I was that kind of writer.

Who is your favorite Broowaha writer (besides yourself)?

There are a few writers who, when they publish, I make it a point to... (more)

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Young People And Voting

By AmyO, published on Aug 21, 2008

...own lives, but personally I don’t want to be that ignorant. I am not trying to sound negative or say the U.S. is doomed or anything like that. But when you look at how many people my age genuinely don’t care about voting or the candidates or the issues, it is scary. Granted, being in the journalism world opens me up to many people who do care. My place of employment, for example, is full of people my age all with an opinion on the election and the candidates. Something I think is great. But when I look beyond here and at some of my friends, they couldn’t be bothered to care. Why is... (more)

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June Featured Contributor - V

By Digidave, published on Jul 8, 2008

...of what seems so inoffensively natural to me. So too there were the three little letters “M-O-R” jammed in the middle which generally summed up modern American culture in my mind. So how has my writing – which I will define here as my blog and my Broowaha citizen journalism efforts – been influenced by being an Australian living in America? Well, the very idea that you’d want to “share” and the confidence in the assumption that strangers would even be at all interested in anything you had to say, is decidedly American to me. Had I not ... (more)

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May Featured Contributor - Glenn T

By Digidave, published on Jun 9, 2008

...they did on my word processor. I always like sending my friends and family to the site to have a look at my stuff, and they’re always surprised not to have heard of the site before. As we’ve often said, I won’t be at all surprised to see Broo become the leading citizen journalism site in the near future, and I’m happy to have been on board when it was still relatively new.The second reason is the amazing feedback that the site offers. You get read, ranked and commented to. You get to hear from both casual readers and seasoned authors, each with their own... (more)

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