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Latest Romney ad shows Joe's laughter at VP Debate.

By TonyBerkman, published on Oct 15, 2012

The Romney campaign released a new ad Saturday night featuring Biden's performance at the vice-presidential debate. The ad shows the contrast in the serious tone of the Republican nominee while he discussed the economic problems faced by the United States and contrasted it with Vice President Biden sitting there laughing and smiling.

The message of the ad is that the current administration is and has simply not been that serious and focused on a solution for the economic challenge faced by the American people.

Ryan says, "We can't keep spending and borrowing like this. We can't... (more)

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Arrogance at its Finest

By Randy Mitchell, published on Oct 13, 2012

The ultimate in political game playing was on display Thursday night as VP Joe Biden, and Rep. Paul Ryan squared off in their first and only Vice Presidential Debate.

Right from the start, it was clear Biden came for, and was looking to start a boxing match, a chance to mug for the cameras and make up some much-needed ground his boss lost from days prior. Well, he probably guzzled down a couple of Red Bulls before clearly making an ass out of himself building on his momentum as being one of the most disrespected, and laughed at politicians of our era. I guarantee Obama was gripping his... (more)

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Biden, Chu: Recovery Act Energizes Innovation

By Josh Marks, published on Aug 25, 2010

(This story was originally published on the website Green D.C. Click here to read more stories about clean energy and the new green economy.)

Vice President Joe Biden and Energy Secretary Steven Chu held a press conference on Tuesday morning in the South Court Auditorium of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building adjacent to the White House to talk about a new report analyzing the Recovery Act's investments in science and technology breakthroughs.

The report, titled "The Recovery Act: Transforming The American Economy Through Innovation," was released by the Vice President's... (more)

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Palin Holds Her Own in VP Debat But Doesn't Dominate

By D. E. Carson, published on Oct 3, 2008

...have the “oomph” to push anyone ahead of the other.   It’s probably just as well though since the media has been all over Alaska Governor Sarah Palin after her two interviews with two-thirds of Obama’s press department: CBS and ABC.

Palin stood her ground against Senator Joe Biden, who is foolishly wasting his time to run as Obama’s running mate – after all, if Obama does win (God forbid) by the time Obama’s through stuffing that second “S” into “US(S)A” there won’t be a nation for Biden to serve as president.  Obama will effectively rape, pillage,... (more)

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