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How to Choose the Perfect Clip on Earrings for You

By VictoriaH, published on Mar 5, 2014

Though jewellery for pierced ears still remains the most dominant for earring sales on the jewellery market, there are still numerous women who would prefer to wear jewellery on their earlobes without the painful process of piercing. For these women, clip on earrings are the ideal solution.

Clip on earrings can portray the same glamorous allure of pierced earrings without placing holes in one’s earlobes. These earrings securely attach to the lobe of the ear with a tiny clipping device, often made from the same materials as the pierced earring varieties.

Clip ons are a practical... (more)

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Online Wholesale Jewelry Procurement Guidelines: Start Saving

By chrisezine, published on Feb 24, 2014 is also crafted by the expert hands of jewelers. Given the sheer effort of creating a piece, it can command quite a price tag in the open market. Of course, people are always on the hunt for the most affordable prices, and these luxury items are not an exception. The cheapest forms of jewelry are the ones sold wholesale. Where should you look for wholesale jewelry and how can you buy them?

Why is buying wholesale considered a great option? Probably the answer is due to its low costs. If you have even the least information of marketing, you’ll know that with each passing... (more)

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