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Coachella 2007

By RLSegarra, published on May 1, 2007

...and catch the crowds response. The bands are pounding out the music and giving it there all and the crowd is with and into each and every performer on every stage that I go to. Friday I want to see Bjork so most of my time is spent at the Coachella stage. I am a fan of Arctic Monkeys, Jesus and Mary Chain and Interpol, so the wait for Bjork is filled with these talented bands throwing the crowd the best performances they can muster. I am on the sidelines, so to speak, for Arctic Monkeys but wind up being in the sardine can that is almost to the front of the stage starting with... (more)

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John Daly's Beer Commercial Pulled by CBS

By Ed Attanasio, published on Apr 28, 2007

... enjoy their lives? If they want to underachieve than that’s their own business, as far as I’m concerned. Some people don’t crave money, success and fame. In two thousand years, when historians look back on our society, the only names they’ll be talking about will be Jesus Christ, Albert Einstein, maybe Gandhi and/or Martin Luther King. Oh, and Scott Baio. (How could I have left out Charles in Charge?) So, who gives a s--- if John Daly has a few beers, a couple wives, smokes Camels like a chimney and isn’t a legendary golfer? Not me. And certainly not... (more)

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The USA Is Doomed: The Slow Death of Sears, GM and Congress

By Rev. F, published on Apr 25, 2007

...They ignore Bill and me. Bill says nothing to them. I am standing right there. Remember this fact. Bill walks me away from the managers and says to me, "I just talked to my bosses and they say there is no way to find out the wrench size short of bringing the mower in." Now I watch the Jesus Channel a lot for laughs. I watch the "Big Brother is Watching YOU!!!" shows that yearn for a return to the days before electricity, when slavery was still legal and everyone had polio. But I didn't quite know that Big Brother Sears has enabled its employees to communicate via telepathic... (more)

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Did Anyone Get the Number of that IP

By Charles Harmison, published on Apr 22, 2007

... in place like the penal system to ensure that they don't walk around killing and taking from whomever they please. There are, five more stages of development ending in the social contract at stage five and something called "universal principles" at stage six which nobody scores unless you're Jesus, or even better, Lawrence Kohlberg. I won't go much further into them except to say that all require that a person is held accountable for his or her actions. The ability to remain anonymous in cyberspace is psychologically challenging our moral and ethical framework. It is allowing a... (more)

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Psychic Sonia Choquette: Her Subtle Mind Manipulations?

By Savattra, published on Apr 15, 2007 Catholic but perhaps she is really a heretic. Could it be, based on Sonia's books, that its times for a casting out of her own demons of deception to those seeking validation? Many a New Ager goes into the field in an ego attempt to be special, spiritually superior, and for their own turn as Jesus Christ Superstar except charging money in the process. San Franciso was named after St. Francis of Assissi ... whose renown as a Catholic saint was his ability to cast out demons. Maybe its time for Bay Area wise ones to see the fraud that Choquette may truly be.... In Diary of a Psychic,... (more)

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Sonia Choquette's True Balance: An Imbalance???

By Savattra, published on Apr 4, 2007

...sign of Choquette's judgment and character as a person (forget her psychic abilities for a moment): In her own autobiography she claims Christ taught her to be psychic. WOW ... the Apostle Paul doesn't even claim that in his New Testament letters. Maybe Sonia can tell us if the Lost Tomb of Jesus is real or not since she "was there in a past life". Reincarnation was part of very early Christian theology so maybe Choquette was Mary Magdalene herself! Another clue: Choquette's own balance may not be quite right given her recommendation of The Avatar Course in her own book in her own... (more)

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Sylvia Browne and the Life of Christ: is Francine a FRAUD???

By Savattra, published on Apr 2, 2007

Sylvia Browne's main source for her take on Jesus is spirit guide Francine.... so is Francine a fraud too? Or just Sylvia??? The Mystical Life of Jesus: An Uncommon Perspective on the Life of Christ (the newest "spiritual" book by Browne) An FBI expert in the art of identifying counterfeit dollar bills said that during training all he was taught was what an authentic monetary note looked like. Once he knew the intricacies of the truth any lie was easily detected. Such is the same for the writings on anyone ... including Jesus. Consider the source: Sylvia Browne told the parents of a missing... (more)

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Doreen Virtue: Angel Therapy or a Fraud's Mental Illness?

By Savattra, published on Apr 1, 2007

...winged feet! Everyone is entitled to their beliefs. The Crusades were a dark example in Christianity when faith was out of hand and people killed in the name of God. There have been evil Popes in history. The Vatican stood-by during WWII and did not protect the Jews from the Nazis, even though Jesus was a Jew.

One must of course always consider the source. It is not uncommon for employers to do a background check on potential workers. Neither is it a foolish approach to interview a surgeon before one decides whether to have them operate on you. Would it be wise when entering the... (more)

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Evangelical youth group Battlecry brings protest in SF

By pennylane986, published on Mar 29, 2007

...together to stand up for this generation against things we don’t believe in, we are for a pure generation,” Jenkins said. Groups of 150 youth worked their away across from UN Plaza to the steps of San Francisco’s City Hall. Ron Luce, founder, took to the stage. “Jesus loves you, San Francisco! Jesus loves the world!” he yelled into the microphone, bringing ralliers to scream in agreement, counter protestors blowing whistles, trying to drown out Luce. Mayor Gavin Newsom stood nearby sipping coffee, not recognized by major media for a good portion of... (more)

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Jesus Christ has been found along with wife and son!..?

By TaniaB, published on Mar 2, 2007

The tomb of Jesus christ has been found! Well that's what James Cameron(the Oscar winning director of Titanic) and Simcha Jacobovici want to prove. Set to air on the discovery channel March.4th will be a documentary that claims to provide a sufficient amount of evidence that Jesus was definetly married to Mary Magdaline and also had a son by the name of Judah. For more info on this notion please refer to The Davinci Code by Dan Browne or save yourself some time and rent the movie. Israeli construction workers first discovered ten limestone coffins in a tomb, outside of Jerusalem,... (more)

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