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Marines! Save The USA From An Infected Administration!

By David Brager, published on Jan 20, 2008

... serious. We need a safe standard for universal discovery and development.

Now, by turning hand tools into stone tablets on paper in an uncommissioned work, such an author would be construed as a Devil. That is why this very day is the day that was foretold in all of Islam on that day that Jesus does battle with the Devil at the Stone.

This hand tool has no leadership. Just use it and behave. Talk about freedom.

Please ask your Marines to protect you from these infected people in this government, for they are so dangerous, as you look at their values, they leave no one... (more)

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Whitewashing And Cherry Picking Religion

By Tina Dupuy, published on Jan 6, 2008

...Many will remember the 2005 suicide of their heir apparent Ricky Rodriguez, right after he killed his childhood nanny Angela Smith. That was sensational enough to make headlines and inspire a “Law and Order” episode.

Last week a book about the cult’s history titled "Jesus Freaks," by author Don Lattin (Harper Collins, 2007) was released. My parents left the sect when I was five, while my uncle and cousins remained members for the next 20 years. I obsessively follow any press that the group gets. While watching CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360”... (more)

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How To Write a Movie in 21 Minutes

By Batman, published on Dec 29, 2007

With all the do it yourself in a weekend type festivals cropping up, it's no longer practical to take your time to write a short film. When getting ready for something like The 168 Film Festival, time is of the essence. So, with apologies to Viki King, I've set out to enumerate the steps to take to write your movie quickly.

For the 168, you're provided with a theme. You get this long before your actual clock starts. Without doing any actual writing, you can be thinking on how the theme will relate to the verse you get when pre-production week starts. You can also round up your various... (more)

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It's His Birthday, for Christ's Sake!

By Ed Attanasio, published on Dec 18, 2007

... with sugar water until December 26th, when you dump it on the corner like an unwanted stepchild. It's your Aunt Irene's terrible Jello fruit mold and Grandma Victoria's "Armageddon survivor" fruitcake. My question is -- before we get totally lost in all the hoopla -- what the heck happened to Jesus? I mean, isn't Christmas supposed to His birthday? How and why did Santa Claus and his entourage push Our Savior to the back pages of the newspaper, across from the Suduko, Word Jumble and obituaries? How on earth did the Big Guy from Heaven fall so fast? And how can He make a comeback? I... (more)

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The Legacy of Slavery and the Aftermath of Racism

By Credo, published on Dec 17, 2007

... what they should be looking for in the first place. When Black women frequently say “all men are dogs!” they further confuse black girls, if all men are dogs it (choosing the right man) doesn’t make much difference anyway. I’m I right? The Virgin Mary or the white Jesus is still being presented as saviors to African American people; along with other things and symbols like white dolls this has ruined the psyche of black people. For example in an experimental observation there were two petite black girls that was playing with their dolls it was noticed that the ... (more)

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It's Christmas Time Again?

By Ivan Homeless, published on Dec 14, 2007

... homes as part of the winter solstice celebration. Yuletide for pagans is the end of the long dark days of winter as the days slowly begin to grow longer, we feast on what's left from the last harvest at Samhain. Pagans recongize this as the returning of the light to the world; in Christianity, Jesus Christ is sometimes called the Light of the World, so one could make the argument that his birth is symbolic of the light coming back into the world just as winter gives way to spring. In the Catholic church you will be hard pressed to find consensus that December 25th marks the actual day of... (more)

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For A Mother's Love

By Credo, published on Dec 12, 2007 It is because women for the most part spend more time with the children than does men, and because they have bonded with the children from the conception of birth to the cradle of the grave they have the ultimate power to change the world. And if you don’t happen to believe in Jesus as one of the sons of God then surely you must recognize that you as a mother have the amazing power to make one, and with proof all around us today, you also have the power to make a Hitler. You see the man without love, those who have never known love neither gives love nor accepts love, it... (more)

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By Chedvah, published on Dec 11, 2007

... of God is drawing near. Christmas is in two weeks to come and the shopping throngs are going totally crazy. The ball is definately rolling in the court of the Shop owner and even shop keeper (bonuses for good sales are sure to crop up). I sometimes wonder if people still remember the birth of Jesus or are they more caught up in making sure that they fulfil their Christmas shopping list. This Christmas hasn’t made me fact, I am not yet in Christmas Mode...what I want for Christmas is one of those priceless things that isn’t exactly tangible and so my tall... (more)

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Portrait of a Thanksgiving Border Crossing

By V, published on Nov 25, 2007

... We’ve advanced four car-lengths at this point and the vehicle fumes and the general stench of open trash permeate my space every time I dare to roll my window down. A boy wants to wash my window. If I give in, it’ll be the third time it has been washed today. The porcelain baby Jesus and kitsch Virgin de Guadalupe statue appear more and more attractive with each vendor’s loop about the line of cars. The lady in the car next to me bought that distasteful, ‘Last Supper’ wall sculpture. Boredom and frustration appear to be wearing everyone down, clouding... (more)

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Slave Race: Are you ready for this?

By Credo, published on Oct 26, 2007

...weights heavily upon us yet the time is right for the lord to reclaim our people, with hair like fine wool as fine as a sheep skin coat. We know that the first Egyptians were black and if that is affirmed then Mosses (the Hebrew Israelite) who was passed off as one of them had to be black too. Jesus who was said to be the most significant figure in the scriptures had hair like fine wool feet like unto burnish brass and eyes that were red as a flame and many blacks do too. But we were always indoctrinated with pictures and Sunday classes of a white Jesus who looked so much like Cesar or the ... (more)

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