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What the Hell is AMPAS Smoking?

By D. E. Carson, published on Feb 26, 2007

...dollar. Hollywood couldn’t tell the truth if you held a nuclear warhead over the Chinese Theatre. It deserves to fall under the spell of evil cast by An Inconvenient Truth and it deserves to suffer the same fate, which befell Sodom and Gomorrah. Oh, wait, Hollywood doesn’t believe in Sodom and Gomorrah because Hollywood doesn’t believe in the Bible or God or Jesus either. Of course, the elephants outside the Kodak Theatre at Hollywood and Highland are reminiscent of a 1920’s depiction of Babylon – and lo, after all these years nothing has changed. (more)

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Pillsbury Soldier: A Conversation with Nicholas Gurewitch

By Hassassin, published on Jan 4, 2007

... what's out there right now that you find refreshing? NG: I'm pretty notorious for walking out of theaters disappointed. I thought Mel Gibson's latest was pretty outrageously exciting though. Apocalypto? No, seriously people. Apocalypto? NG: Yeah. Certainly not his love-letter to Jesus. The imagery at the Mayan temple was absolutely awe-inspiring. I fall in love every time a movie matches it's emotional fervor with equally intense imagery. What'd you think of King Kong? NG: Kong. I got a big love-hate relationship with Kong. [That movie] was also a real exciting... (more)

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The Debate is OVER!

By D. E. Carson, published on Dec 22, 2006

...– it is a matter of international proportions. It can no longer be held secret, hidden away like some dark mystery. The light of truth is about to shine like a beacon through the darkness of lies and deceit. Believers of this truth will hail its confirmation like the Second Coming of Jesus. Disbelievers will rend their clothing in anguish over their foolishness. Many will cry out for forgiveness that they believed this lie. Others will turn away from the truth, denying the error of their ways and continue to propagate the lie, but they will only reveal their own foolishness... (more)

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Cokelore Claims Santa

By V, published on Dec 20, 2006

...a book dating from the time of the Commonwealth, Father Christmas was portrayed as being a character of merriment and alcohol who questioned the charitable motives of the ruling Puritans of the time. For some time in Europe, Father Christmas was superseded by a figure of baby Jesus, sometimes known as ‘Christkindlein’ - the Christ child. In Afghanistan he is ‘Baba Chaghaloo,’ in Armenia he is known as ‘Gaghant Baba’ and in Mexico, he is ‘El Niñito Dios.’ He has many names in many languages. It is generally considered... (more)

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Holy Horrific Hodgepodge!!!

By Chris Volkay, published on Nov 20, 2006

...castratos). This practice continued into the 19th century. Gee, in the interest of fairness and balance, couldn’t we begin turning some of the present-day priests into castratos? In the 1850’s, Hung Hsiu-Ch’uan of China figured out that he was the younger brother of Jesus.(Mary apparently believed in waiting a while before having another child). He organized the God Worship Society. Hung declared war against China’s rulers. It lasted 14 years and cost 20 million lives. In the end Hung and 100,000 of his followers all committed suicide. Waco smaaco... The... (more)

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Liberal and Christian... Whaaaa?

By Thomas T., published on Oct 20, 2006

... I am a Christian. Now that, I said real quietly. I ducked. I mumbled, I hesitated, and I apologized. I wished I could find a euphemism that won't automatically associate me with Ralph Reed and Pat Robertson, but still very distinctly identifies my belief in and acceptance of the saving work of Jesus Christ. Clearly, I am more proud of my political values than I am of my religious conviction. Why is this? And, as the title of this article suggests, why is their combination such an oxymoron in America today? To address these questions, let's look at the two terms, and perhaps try to... (more)

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Jesus Camp the Movie “What Bible Are They Reading?"

By Stephanie Michele, published on Oct 6, 2006

...rewarded with love. I am sharing this with you because I believe God is love and both are tangible to me. This is what I choice to believe not because I am scared of the wrath of God but because I would not want to live in a world where love was intangible. It is because of love that I know Jesus and proudly call myself a Christian. It is also because of love, that my heart was filled with pain upon learning about Pastor Becky Fischer's camp for children that is featured in the movie Jesus Camp. I do not understand why Evangelical Christians choice to teach grown adults much less... (more)

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