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Profiling People an important part of any business

By Jennifer Stone, published on Aug 14, 2012

...within your life.

However I have found in my experience it could be anything. I look at life as it is, I write from the hip with the pen.

Straight talking, yet I can do it so you can do it if you have the persistance and the desire for the dramatic changes to take place. We all have miracles within our life however some are more amazing than others. Don't just sit their and think one day, today could be your day. Check out my book, give it the tick and download How to Set Goals and Achieve them....Jennifer Stone Act and Grow's the only way to go........


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YOU be the JUDGE?

By Jennifer Stone, published on Aug 11, 2012

Within Australia we have the notorious Kings Cross. I have been looking at different court cases, Royal Commissions even the drugs within Sydney and further to the world.

I pickup Phuong Ngo a Cabramatta Councillor, well read the report on Amazon, two mistakes allegedly? Well the police gave the evidence to the Crown, and the Crown produced this material without researching whether correct, now an INNOCENT man maybe in prison and has been in Prison for the last ten years. Feel bad, well I did! When I told people,they were shocked how it happened. Allegedly the information is fed... (more)

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Have you got money in your roof? Well I don't!

By Jennifer Stone, published on Aug 6, 2012

GDP.....How the economy of all countries is affected by the black market.

Within Australia we have allegedly a $12 billion a year black market which affects our economy and trading with other countries.

Much of the drug users and drug dealers allegedly are being supported for a habit on the unemployment and sickness benefits. Some allegedly single mothers working within the sex industry allegedly will be dealing drugs and making money.

Does it sound right? VICE, Take Your Vice Over is the new slogan we will hear, yet it has been around for a while where illegal activity... (more)

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Nigeria Scam

By Jennifer Stone, published on Aug 4, 2012

Nigeria Scams have happened for years, yes. However most of us haven't associated with people that have stalked that person, know that person in the other country.

Organised criminal gangs work from country to country jointly on the same venture for the drug market which inturn changes to MONEY!

Nigeria Scam in the experience I have had, looks like it is an alleged United Nations funding. Which is very wrong from such a criminal gang.

They utilised a state in the USA where the gang is not recognized in that state of the USA as a gang however it is the same gang allegedly... (more)

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By Jennifer Stone, published on Aug 1, 2012


I went with my husband to the Doctor's today, Mantle Cell Lymphona Stage IV agressive cancer. Remission they said, last time they said cured. We spoke about the power of the positive thought. Most people that get to where my hubby The Sting is, well they have had a fight on their hands and now the fight is over.

I was just listening to the talk the doctor was going on about. Have a blood test, check here and there and think it won't happen again.

With that thought, he started. Once remission has set in with the stem cell transplant the next six months you should... (more)

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Criminal gangs are holding innocent people to ransom

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jul 31, 2012

Gangs, have in the past been in control of situation utilising the network to hide behind. When you run to the police when this happens. It's the normal place to go for the honest people. Yet, this criminal gang that lurks in the dark holes of our society is not open, or honest. With a huge network weaved within the criminals and the people most of us will run to for help.

The drugs are pouring into all our countries around the world with it Globally illegal, yet it hits the news every night somewhere in the World. We have Global issues regarding the drugs running within the world,... (more)

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Free Phuong Ngo from Prison in Australia, it could be you!

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jul 31, 2012

Researching for The Kings Cross Sting I found this explosive evidence about Phuong Ngo

I have never met with Mr Phuong Ngo, nor do I know him personally yet I feel his pain when you know what happened to him has happened to many others around the world. Where a little mistake has occurred, this mistake has gone not picked up and has resulted in many other mistakes to come about as a reaction of the mistake.

Whilst you read the book, you will see how the organised criminal gangs utilise the law for protection and how the law needs to see between the lines to help stop the organised... (more)

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Decriminalize drugs; stop the war on drugs and surrender!

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jul 26, 2012

Decriminalising a drug? Is it a good thing?

We have a problem with drugs, the war on drugs is happening yet have we the need to surrender.

I have been studying the drug problem, from all angles. I have been listening to not just the drugs issue from a user’s perspective on the streets in Kings Cross. From the dealers I have interviewed for the books, these dealers I have met over the period of 18 months within Kings Cross have all threatened me in one way or another.

You notice that many of the drug dealers carry three types of drugs. To legalise the drugs across the... (more)

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Believe, to believe in yourself? If you don't who will!

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jul 24, 2012

Have you held yourself back without really knowing?

Is your body language saying one thing and your words saying another?

Have you thought why your life is just not happening?

Are you terrified of your dreams if you could complete them?

Many people have huge dreams, never realising that they can make it. Never thinking more than once at the fact that if they knocked again on the door that wouldn't answer or Get out and talk on how to fix the problem then more would happen in their lives.

Have you thought, you'd like to be a millionaire?

How to achieve... (more)

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By Jennifer Stone, published on Jul 23, 2012

MiraclesAre they realWe wonder whyWho is there when we need help

A miracle calling a miracle

We wish, and wish upon a starOur calls for help, or just to plan for a wish for othersA miracle occurs

Having a dream could it be a wish

Wish thou our wish scares us we need a miracle

Going to sleep with a thought in our mind and hope in our heart

Has somene heard our callsHave we worked towards our own Miracle

A miracle calling a miracle

Is it just a MiracleHave we been given an answerHave we been given our wishIs it because we have called the... (more)

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