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11 Things Observed In The Betrayal Of My Friend

By D. Sager, published on Jan 7, 2013

“He, who had done more than any human being to draw her out of the caves of her secret, folded life, now threw her down into deeper recesses of fear and doubt. The fall was greater than she had ever known, because she had ventured so far into emotion and had abandoned herself to it.” - Anaïs Nin

Observing these things operating occasionally in my relationships is normal. However, if I see a few things happening all the time, and especially if I make excuses for the violation of these principles, it is cause for great concern. Be wise my friends...

My friend will inflict... (more)

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The Specter Of Love

By D. Sager, published on Feb 28, 2012

... my eyes

Everything stops when I wake to her

A text, proclaiming her need of me

Everything stops when I understand

She is with my friend, he is beating her

Everything stops when I kill"

- Everything Stops, D.M.W. Sager

I take a deep breath. Jealousy. A cruel and unrelenting task master; holding me hostage, threatening my lover with violence. How quickly love turns to anger and hate. How quick that one you love can turn and violate you. Love excels at changing both itself and others. I watch as I leave all I know about me and life; all my... (more)

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Help me from taking someone's head off!

By Shari G, published on Jun 17, 2011 a certain ways sometimes and come to find out that it isn’t being perceived that way. Remember, we all tell our own stories in our heads and so our reality is based solely on that perception. There are plenty of beautiful and talented women out there that don’t have any issues with jealousy from others. Just something to think about.

So to summarize, look within and see where you might be playing a part in this. Have compassion for what might be causing them to act in this way and try to see them through the eyes of love. Hey, even ask them directly (kindly of course) if... (more)

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