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How Vince Guaraldi Saved Christmas

By Alex Dezen, published on Dec 28, 2007

There is something so mesmerizing about the work jazz composer and pianist, Vince Guaraldi did with his Trio in the late1960’s—as the assembled musical force behind that odd, pudgy, and inexplicably balding child, Charlie Brown—whose elegance remains scarcely challenged. The crowning jewel of the Peanuts commissioned work: ‘Christmastime Is Here’, a mellow, heartbreakingly graceful, three-piece composition with a wispy, falsetto children’s choir, from the soundtrack album, A Charlie Brown Christmas. It’s the one you’re bound to hear at least... (more)

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Broowaha Burlesque

By V, published on Dec 21, 2007

... you say you are and simply revel in being a character of your own creation, weaving us all into your plot. Last night I met a fellow Broowaha Contributor for the first time and as far as I can tell, he is who he appears to be in his online persona. He was considering going to see an Afro-Cuban jazz band. I was going home to keep my freshly washed and flat-ironed hair out of the rain. What Contributor X did not realize however, was that he was also going to see a burlesque show. When I discovered just what venue he was going to see the Afro-Cuban jazz/ funk fest at, I informed him that that ... (more)

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Gimme my Green Christmas - EcoGift Expo

By Aaron S., published on Dec 13, 2007

... hemp pajamas, stainless steel kanteens, jewelry, eco tote bags, yoga pants, and a Mr. Ellie Pooh journal (made of 75% Sri Lankan elephant dung) you’re bound to find the perfect gift. Or win the award for Most Eco-Friendly at your office. Along with the standard organic food and fare, live jazz, and magicians, the organizers have also set up an Eco Gift-Wrapping station (Only sustainably harvested wrapping paper will be used. And you get to ‘Rap while we Wrap’). Eco-Gift was founded by Tommy Rosen, who with his marketing and production background, plans to expand to ten... (more)

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10th Annual LA Kings Downtown On Ice

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Dec 4, 2007

...January 19, 2008. There were two inter-active performers entertaining kids and their families on December 1, 2007. Vocalist Jerry John with Bob Fazio on keyboards opened the program with an eclectic mixture of songs. This duo thoroughly entertained the crowd with a variety of genres of music (jazz, r&b, rock, latin and the blues). You could see people swaying on the ice skating rink as well in their chairs to the following tunes: “Mr. Magic,” “All of Me,” “Don’t Go,” “Get Ready,” “Old Time Rock & Roll,” “Evil... (more)

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By hellopeace, published on Nov 19, 2007

...the rock lovers. Music has truly an unique capacity to convey any kind of message, a message about love or hatred or dislike towards one’s government, or for a general cause or even for encouraging the youth. There are various genres in music like country, hip hop, reggae, rock, gospel, jazz, instrumental etc. Lately, rock music industry has seen a lot of change. The alternative soft rock scene has been like a big bang with bands like Travis, Coldplay, and Keane. Another band which has brought back the lost magic of grunge music by Nirvana is the band Greenday.With ... (more)

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The Idan Raichel Project at UCLA Live

By Noa, published on Nov 16, 2007

...a variety of guest performers, some of which tour with the band in concert. At last night’s performance, the artists were: Idan Raichel: a third-generation Israeli with Eastern European roots. He became attracted to world music at an early age and experimented with Gypsy music, tango, jazz, and Ethiopian music, among other styles. He plays the accordion, keyboards, and piano and also sings during many of the group’s songs. He arranges and writes the music and/or lyrics for most of the songs and created the vision of this unique group, whose performance style is to... (more)

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Sounding the hills with Jazz

By Kim, published on Nov 2, 2007

A musical retreat awaits seekers on a Jazz Journey at the "Jazz at the A Frame" high in the Hills of Hollywood, CA. The rejuvenating getaway highlighted Greg Poree, a versatile and moving Guitarist, Patrice Rushen - an incredibly innovative Pianist, Paul Cartwright - Jazz Violinist, David Leach - Percussionist, and Kenny Wild - Bassist. The musicans refreshed as well as set ablaze our spirits with splendid selections of Straight Ahead, mixed in Brazilian, then added acoustic flavors, brushed with the Blues and a classical piece turned on its revolutionary head with a jazz groove. "Bach Menuett... (more)

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SoCalled en Concert Mardi

By Fantomas, published on Oct 22, 2007

En concert unique a Paris, dans le cadre du festival Jazz'n'Klezmer: SoCalled! L'avenir de la musique Klezmer! Son tube "You're never alone" a fait le bonheur des auditeurs de Nova. A present, on l'entend dans un titre ou il croise le verbe avec le funky trombone de Fred Wesley. On l'a vu frequemment aux cotes du clarinettiste klezmer David Krakauer, agitateur new-yorkais d'origine polonaise, passant des racines juives au free jazz. Mais c'est avec son projet hip hop (toujours klezmer) que le jeune prodige canadien SoCalled, DJ voltigeur et rappeur (en anglais et yiddish !) au flow iconoclaste,... (more)

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Costumed Commandos of an Ever-Burgeoning Apocalypse

By Gary Schwind, published on Oct 20, 2007

...gonna originate in the mind. All sorts of people on that bright light heaven-y side, they’ve dealt with that. With Satan, it comes from the bowels. That makes sense. Describe your music for someone who’s never heard it. I would describe it as an evil amalgamation of metal, jazz, and funk. Mr. Bungle creating angry butt sex with Devo and Zappa. (a brief conversation with the bartender about the merits of Devo and Zappa ensues) You’ve got a disciple. There are many, sir. I’m sure there are. What was I describing? How to describe it to the... (more)

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Jazz At Drew-Good For Your Health

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Oct 8, 2007

Charles R. Drew University & Honda presented the 17th Annual “Jazz At Drew” Legacy Music Series and Cultural Marketplace and Health Pavilion. This is one of Southern California’s most popular music and charity events. This year featured another outstanding stellar line-up of jazz, gospel, R&B, and Latin jazz greats who performed on Saturday, October 6 and Sunday, October 7, 2007 in the grassy outdoor setting on the campus of Charles R. Drew University of Medicine & Science in Los Angeles. The Drew University All-Stars got the festival under way. The All-Stars include University and hospital... (more)

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