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Reno AAA: Where Our Members Don't Come First

By Marga, published on Jul 6, 2009

...come at all at AAA.AAA has only one location in Sparks and that is out, far out, on the Pyramid Highway next to the Home Depot. Like the Reno AAA locations, not at all centrally located. So much again for AAA’s hypocritical “Where Our Members Come First.” There I was referred to a Jari Sotten, 326-2003 about why AAA has no central Reno or Sparks location and their only Sparks location is very way out and the only two Reno locations are both very way south. Jari Sotten is very confident of herself, and the uprightness of her opinions and views. Jari Sotten cockily told me it was a ... (more)

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