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Pass the Soma: IVF in A Brave New World

By Jen, published on Jul 26, 2007

...the world state has complete control over reproduction. It is a world where natural childbirth is all but obsolete, and humans "engineered" to be perfectly adapted to their pre-determined station in life are produced in factories. Now, thanks to researchers from the University of Tokyo in Japan, we are one step closer to realizing his nightmare. This realization comes in the form of an artificial microfluidic chip designed to more closely mimic the womb for in-vitro fertilized (IFV) embryos. Traditional methods of IVF involve manipulation of the developing embryos to provide... (more)

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San Francisco Was a Major League All-Star Host

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jul 11, 2007

San Francisco can be proud of the job it performed as the host of this year’s MLB All-Star Game. I personally got a chance to attend many of the festivities surrounding the event. Wherever I went, I talked to fans that had traveled from long distances (Japan, France, Holland, etc.) to be at the game, and all of them mentioned how much they loved San Francisco. Yes, the City by the Bay really rolled out the red carpet for this one and it showed. Of course, I did everything I could to participate in All-Star Week, except for the most important thing (at least to me) which was actually being... (more)

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No Beef for Koby this Year

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jun 28, 2007

The competitive world of eating is already gnawing on this morsel of tasty news: The hot dog eating champion isn’t feeling all that hot. Takeru Kobayashi of Japan, the six-time champion of the annual Fourth of July hot dog eating contest, could possibly be sidelined for next week's event due to an arthritic jaw. Last year, the 165-pound Kobayashi won his sixth straight Yellow Mustard Belt at the Independence Day competition in Coney Island, N.Y., by devouring a then-world record 53 3/4 frankfurters in 12 minutes. That mark was surpassed earlier this month by Joey Chestnut of San Jose, Calif.,... (more)

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Alleged Stanley Cup Celebration in Anaheim

By J. Lyon Miller, published on Jun 11, 2007 put up the peach baskets). Baseball became an American obsession in the 19th century, and despite the fact that it was Our Sport, it rarely, if ever occured to anyone in the game that its popularity was a mandate for export. That it caught on as an international pastime in places like Japan and the Caribbean was the result of allowing a natural curiosity about the sport to develop in such places, seeds being planted haphazardly, intermittently, and ultimately, unintentionally. In other words, baseball didn't care if you liked it or not. It was baseball, and it wasn't going... (more)

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Ernie Broglio: On the Wrong End of a Lopsided Trade

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jun 10, 2007

...think I had the tenacity to be a major league pitcher. My ability was there, they knew that, but I guess some people show their emotions more. Like Bob Gibson or Larry Jackson -- they were real battlers. I’m just not made up that way.” Stan Musial: “ I first met him in Japan. Just a neat guy. He’s one of the few I still communicate with. He is so gracious to me. If I’m in a golf tournament and I need something signed, he always signs it and then asks me if there’s anything else I need. I’ve got nothing but good things to say about him.... (more)

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The Thrill of the Grill: Juban in SF's Japantown

By Ed Attanasio, published on Apr 23, 2007

...down, order some things off of a menu, and then your server brings the food to you. Granted, it’s a tried and true method with a centuries-old track record of success, but it can get stale just the same. The other night we went to a place called Juban, located in San Francisco’s Japantown. Juban is a Japanese barbecue restaurant where you get to grill your own food at the table. This experience can best be described as “the thrill of the grill and the agony of burnt meat.” To some people, this is a cool experience, while other folks go out to eat so that they... (more)

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The invisible "Americans" among us

By Amo, published on Apr 12, 2007

...argue that almost every battle ever waged and every war ever fought, that land was part of the spoils of victory, and with that I have no disagreement, and yet after all the battles we fought, all the wars we’ve won, only our Native American brothers have been left devastated. We rebuilt Japan and Germany after World War Two, we fought a civil war and have tried to make amends for slavery, and yet the average annual income for a Navajo living on a reservation is just over $6,000, and 56% live below the poverty level. The hypocrisy and silence among the social activist groups, on... (more)

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Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

By Dr. Traci Vujicich, published on Apr 10, 2007

...Jackson and Gloria Allred on your ass. And what makes it worse is that, with all the news coverage, the term "nappy headed ho" is ringing in our ears. Now, instead of the folks who listen to that kind of radio being the only ones who hear the insult, it's worldwide. People in Afghanistan and Japan now know the term nappy headed ho. Why? Is it because of Don Imus? No. It's because of the "outrage" that followed. They should let shock jocks stay where they live-- under rocks. Don't put it on the news, don't have a press conference, don't bring the entire basketball team on TV and ask how... (more)

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Every citizen is a reporter - the story of OhmyNews

By Josh Marks, published on Apr 10, 2007

... reformer granted his first post-election interview to OhmyNews, passing over traditional news outlets such as The Korea Herald. It was a major coup for OhmyNews and the entire citizen journalism movement. Yeon-ho continues to take risks, some more successful than others. Last year OhmyNews and Japanese firm Softbank signed an $11 million investment deal to launch OhmyNews Japan. However, some of the articles were a source of controversy and the citizen journalist aspect of the site was scrapped.

The company also posted a loss in profits last year but aims to turn that around in 2007 ... (more)

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Okonomiyaki: Japanese Pancakes at Gaja

By pleasurepalate, published on Mar 22, 2007

When my friend first mentioned the word "okonomiyaki" to me, I have to admit to giving her a blank stare. "What in the world is that?" I asked. So then she started talking about Japanese pancakes and cooking it at the restaurant and that shed some light, but it still was a bit confusing to me. I think what threw me off was just the notion of Japanese pancakes in general. Like a lot of people, pancakes for me brought up a vision of a stack of sweet bready goodness topped with pats of butter and doused with maple syrup. Somehow I didn't think that Japanese pancakes or okonomiyaki as they are... (more)

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