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Advertising On The Longest Commute Ever

By Digidave, published on Mar 4, 2008

...crap. Perhaps then reading the skymall booklet is a completetly different experience. For me, however, I look at pretty pictures of things and imagine how they would organize or improve my life. The truth, however, is that most of these gadgets and doodads would get used once. Somewhere in Japan there is a book "101 Useless American inventions." The real advertising influx comes when the in-flight entertainment starts. I have no remote control (although some flights do) so when a commercial is on - I gratefully watch it. I mean, what is my other option? Talk to the people on either... (more)

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Man's Search For The Ultimate Aphrodisiac

By Ladymaggic, published on Feb 22, 2008

...ultimate Aphrodisiac that gives that ultimate enhanced performance. Whether it is for the one evening, or with constant and regular use, improved and improving performance capabilities, the search for the miracle potion or notion continues.

The search has been greater in China, Korea, Japan and India, where the smaller physique, has led to the concept that personal attributes would also be smaller, so the necessity for stamina and enhanced performance is necessary for added enjoyment. Somehow man has always erroneously believed that the longer he can perform, the better the... (more)

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The Return Of Big Brother In Putin's Russia

By Chris Jones, published on Feb 12, 2008

...he said.

I don’t think there’s any doubt that Putin has brought a certain level of stability and prosperity to Russia (at least for some) but the question then becomes, at what cost?

Russia desperately wants to be an economic powerhouse like the U.S., Japan, or South Korea, but using government agents to intimidate local businesses will only stifle the entrepenurial spirit and creativity needed for a vibrant economy.

Imagine if every business decision had to be first cleared with the CIA and FBI here in America. Putin’s liberal... (more)

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By DLFerguson, published on Jan 19, 2008 live through that night? That’s the story in a nutshell and it’s related to us by means of a video camera found after the monster attack. A group of close friends have gotten together to throw a going away party for Rob (Michael Stahl-David) who has landed a lucrative job in Japan. During the party he argues with Beth (Odette Yustman) a girl he had a brief but passionate love affair with. The argument, along with everything else at the party is documented on a video camera by Rob’s best friend Hud (T.J. Miller) who really didn’t want the job but was... (more)

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Spaghetti That Just May Shock an Italian Mama!

By pleasurepalate, published on Dec 17, 2007

When on the lookout for Japanese dining, usually Little Tokyo comes to mind, but unknown to many, the South Bay, primarily the city of Gardena is also home to one of LA's oldest Japanese communities. Presently, it's a city where the population is about one quarter Japanese-American. What differentiates Gardena from Little Tokyo is that it's still a thriving community where Japanese-Americans work, live, play and eat. For example, Gardena has a Japanese cable station, numerous Japanese churches, stores and newspapers. It's really because of the high concentration of Japanese-Americans still... (more)

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Somaya Reece, Renaissance Woman

By Gary Schwind, published on Nov 23, 2007

...look up to Queen Latifah, Missy Elliot, Oprah and Jennifer Lopez for helping with break the mold of what is typical in Hollywood. You've traveled to lots of different places. What is the one place you will return to anytime, no questions asked? I have been blessed to travel the world from Japan, Korea, Thailand, London, Paris, Rome, Spain oh man I love to travel. I personally cannot wait to move overseas for a long time. I had the best time of my life in London and Spain. I lived there for 6 months total on a gig. The mentality in London and Spain is amazing. They live and breathe... (more)

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Series - We The People - US Attorney Gen & Torture #27

By Rose Mountain, published on Nov 8, 2007

... nose of a detainee to simulate drowning. It’s an ancient technique of tyrants. In the fifteenth and sixteenth century, it was used by interrogators in the Spanish Inquisition. In the nineteenth century, it was used against slaves in this country. In World War II, it was used against us by Japan. In the 1970s, it was used against political opponents by the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia and the military dictatorships of Chile and Argentina. Today, it’s being used against pro-democracy activists by the rulers of Burma. When we fail to reject waterboarding, this is the company that we... (more)

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Link TV....Television without Borders lives up to its claim.

By Steven Lane, published on Sep 9, 2007

...conditions that endanger the lives of the entire community, such as a market food vendor who persists in cooking with contaminated well water. (First Run Icarus Films). A absolutely amazing piece of film. "GEISHA GIRL"...Director unknown to me. After growing up in a small town in the north of Japan, 15-year-old Yukina decides to leave school and move to the ancient city of Kyoto to follow one of Japan's most traditional professions. Stunningly filmed and with exclusive access, Yukina's journey gives a unique insight into the sacrifice and dedication needed to enter the closed but... (more)

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North Korea Agrees to End Nuclear Program

By Chris Jones, published on Sep 3, 2007

... the end was hoodwinked by Kim Jong-iL. The Bush Administration instead opted to bring all the major players in on the discussions and therefore ask the DPRK in one unified voice to disarm. This became known as the "6 party talks" and included China, U.S., France, Russia, Great Britain, and Japan. Bush realized correctly that the country with by far the most leverage on North Korea was China. The Chinese are literally the last communist lifeline the North has left in the world. If China were to cut out the small amount of oil, rice, and other critical supplies it provides,... (more)

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Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow: Movie Review

By DLFerguson, published on Aug 7, 2007

...over is that early in the movie it’s said that the nations of the world have to rely on Sky Captain and his private army to find Totenkopf since their armies are engaged in other conflicts. Well, if in this world there’s no World War II then what conflict is going on? Perhaps Japan decided to bumrush on their own? Perhaps that’s the reason there’s no Asians in the film? And I also didn’t like how near the end where Sky Captain and Polly have been busting their asses to save Dex for nearly 30 minutes of the movie’s running time Dex shows up to... (more)

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