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The Bell Tolls

By mantra lotus, published on Apr 5, 2011

At the nape of your neck.. my pale fingernails linger in thin curls

softly pressing you into my cheek..

your ear to mine..

around my shoulders you rest..

tender grazing on satin sheets..we wrap each other..

we hold and console

carefully concealing one another..

tightly safeguarding...

At times I am underneath you.. hiding and retreating, guarded, kept warm and protected

At times I become your wings..stretching myself wide on top of you..allowing you to drift

we take turns lifting each other

we take... (more)

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Peony Pink and the Ides of Plutonium

By Lynda Lehmann, published on Mar 20, 2011

...renewal. Life is precious. It is also delicate and perishable, and not at all guaranteed. It's a gift and a miracle, with or without a religious perspective to cast it in. I present to you a photo of a delicate Peony as a reminder of life's fragility, as the towns on the Northeast coast of Japan and well inland, struggle for their very survival.

I will continue to wish, hope and pray for the Japanese people to find comfort, solace and the support of the world community in their healing from last week's multiple tragedies. I also wish, hope and pray for all of us to achieve... (more)

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Growing Up

By JJFCPA, published on Nov 25, 2009

...up the hill nearing that giant figure braving what was to come. You stayed behind. I took the blast and painfully was sent into the bedroom. I heard you come in a few minutes later and the blast from dad was mild.

Then there is the time on the boat trip overseas to Japan where everyone thought you were such a crooner with “Danny Boy”. So off you went to some playroom for show time while I stayed behind playing with a slinky.

I remember the Saturday morning agony and anticipation as we madly rushed to make the bed and clean our... (more)

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Could Jim Gentile Have Been Another Mickey Mantle?

By Ed Attanasio, published on Oct 4, 2009

...MVP selection (third, behind Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris). In addition, Gentile hit five grand slams -- including two straight in one game --setting an American League record that stood until Don Mattingly belted six in 1987.

Following his major league career, he played one season in Japan for the Kintetsu Buffaloes in 1969. Gentile managed the Fort Worth Cats when they returned to baseball in 2001 and 2002. He’s currently is hitting coach for the Schaumburg Flyers.

What pitchers gave you a hard time? “For some reason, I had a lot of trouble from Jim Perry, Gaylord... (more)

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Watts Towers- 50 Years Inspiring Art!

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Sep 29, 2009

...gathered for this auspicious event at the Watts Towers Arts Center, 10:00-6:00PM.

The Drum Festival featured Native American group Cuauhtemoc Mexica Dance, all women drummers SHINE Mawusi, Drumline Challenge between Centennial High School and Washington High School, Kishin Daiko from Japan, Son De La Tirra featuring Perico Hernandez from Cuba, Balandugu Kan-performing music from West Africa and Next Great Drummers.

The 33rd Annual Simon Rodia Watts Towers Jazz Festival was held on Sunday, September 27, 2009.

The audience and I were thoroughly entertained all... (more)

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White House Weighs More Time In School

By D. E. Carson, published on Sep 27, 2009 school longer because everyone else is in school longer.  Perhaps Mr. Duncan never heard the old parental response to, "Everyone else is doing it" which is, "If everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?"Something Mr. Duncan needs to think about is that the reason children in Japan, singapore and other Asian countries are outscoring American students is because Asian school teachers don't spend 75% of their academic day TEACHING TO THE TEST.Somewhere along the way, some idiot got it in his head that American students need to be subjected to standardized tests to see how... (more)

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Beethoven Billy Bragg Ninth Concert

By T. Conboy, published on Jul 2, 2009

...over makeshift speakers during the 1989 protest in Tiananmen Square, as student leader Feng Congde stated “to create the ambiance of solidarity and hope…” Conductor Leonard Bernstein chose The Ninth to perform in East Berlin six weeks after the fall of the Berlin Wall. In Japan “The Daiku” (“The Great Nine”) is performed as an annual ritual of national release and exaltation.

In keeping with The Ninth’s spirit of international connection the concert will feature an eclectic array of multicultural groups who will perform their... (more)

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It's Not Easy Being Green!

By pennylane986, published on Apr 27, 2009

... water from Tuolumne, the Delta, Shasta, places the salmon rely on to spawn and grow - we must conserve water for them and resources too.” Adams cited the example of the Pacific Gyre, a large floating mass of plastic that is twice the size of Texas circulating between our coastline, Hawaii and Japan, an image that reminds us to use a tote bag instead of a plastic bag at the grocery store, and to be aware of those things we can’t see that will drain into our creeks and down into the ocean- such as car wash soap, pesticide’s for ones lawn and dog and cat litter. “Even practices like... (more)

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By Seema Upadhyay, published on Feb 18, 2009

...the rarest of the planetary stones and are considered a balancing stone as it calms the nerves and counters the negative energies.

Blood Coral

Also commonly known as “Monga”, this organic stone is very beneficial to the physical body. "In India, China, and Japan, it is extensively used in Rosaries used for prayers. Red coral strengthens the blood and reproductive system, improves energy and calms emotion...builds flesh and muscle, gives courage and improves work capacity


Another organic stone, found in the shell of oysters, the... (more)

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Did A Comic Book Predict The Omaba Presidency

By freestrike, published on Jan 15, 2009

... car crash.

Other instances of this curse are in 1977 when New York had a blackout. During that same month an issue of Marvel Team Up done by Byrne was released that had a black out taking place in New York. Also he had an issue of Uncanny X-Man that depicted an earthquake taking place in Japan. That same month Japan suffered a major earthquake.

This brings me to a comic book he drew back in 2001. It was part of an alternate reality mini series of Superman and Batman called "Generations." What was very different about this series was that the characters existed in real time.... (more)

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