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Lucky Bastards

By Annie44, published on Mar 3, 2013

My dad and his father slapped together a few boards and called it a cabin on the island where I spent my childhood summers. Actually it wasn’t even much of an island considering it was landlocked most of the year. Only a few weeks each winter when the deluge came did it pretend to float.

Supposedly it is 65.5 miles from our Seattle digs to the glorified shack. Funny how that calculation lingers in my head after all these years. I can still hear my dad say, “Won’t be long now kids…it’s exactly one hour door-to-door.” As I grew up and was able to test his theory personally, I found that... (more)

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Tales From A Floating World

By Notumbus Bumbus, published on Dec 9, 2011

#6, Boyd and Jennifer

We lost most of lower Battery Street last week. The news reported that recent events suggest a possible increase in the speed of the rise. They are already saying that Kearney Street could be gone by fall. I just hope they get Henry’s Hunan out of there in time. This town would really be a lost cause without the Henry’s Special.

Jennifer’s Mom got word she had to move a couple of days ago, from her co-op in Lower Manhattan. She thought it would be better to move her Mom Upstate somewhere, but her Mom was having none of that. She was all, “I was born in Manhattan,... (more)

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Home – where is it?

By Shane Joseph, published on Nov 21, 2011

...same shopping malls, same pace same anonymity? Or stretching back into the past, is it the Spartan home of an expatriate in an oil-drenched oasis, the home of a hired gun who could be sent back at any time when services are no longer required? Or even further back where it all began, in an island by the sea whose gentle waves and peaceful people later turned into killing machines? (And weren’t those gentle people fighting over whose home the island really was?)

As occupations become more temporary and transferable, as the world shrinks with globalization, as civil and climatic... (more)

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