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Cheap Airline tickets to Dublin, Ireland

By Michael Jolie, published on Jun 6, 2014

...the countless airlines has also led to the availability of cheap Airline tickets.

Iveage Gardens

This beautiful park is perfect for a picnic in the evening. You can hear the birds chirping and the sound of waterfalls while you sit back and relax.

Dublin National Museum of Ireland

A must visit place if you wish to learn more about the Irish art, culture and history. The museum exhibits military artifacts which date back to 1555. Other collections include church treasures, gold work, Egyptian and roman artifacts as well as items from the Viking period.

... (more)

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Family: Closer Than You Think

By DKIdea, published on Feb 17, 2014 often. Recently I saw the addition of a new name…Sullivan. Always one to get to the heart of the matter, I went to the oldest male in the line and read the profile.The beauty of Geni is it maps out your relation to whatever profile you are looking at. As it were, John Sullivan was born in Ireland in the 1800’s, as was his wife…and they are my fourth great-grandparents (say what?).

Let that sink in.

Two kids in Ireland meet, fall in love and start a family. Now I don’t know what Ireland was like in the 1800’s, but I’m sure it was distracting enough that those two ... (more)

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The Fearless Fitzgeralds

By Anastasia , published on Dec 18, 2012

...the conquest of England the less well-favoured began a steady advance into the Welsh borderlands, where, as the Marcher Lords, they were nominally beyond the power of the English crown. And it is here, in the Welsh marches, that the story of the Fitzgeralds truly begins, an epic carried to Ireland. The details of the Fitzgeralds, touched on in episode two of the documentary as a supplement to the conquest and transformation of England, was recorded by the monkish chronicler, Gerald of Wales. He celebrates the prowess of his family with some pride; Who are those who penetrate to the... (more)

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Green with Nauseous Envy

By Eric Karlan, published on Dec 2, 2009

...and being to impressing them so that, in four years, you even have a chance at being considered once again.

Now apply the overarching themes of this scenario to the world of professional soccer, and you can only begin to understand the catatonically confounded state of the Republic of Ireland’s football team.

Two handballs, one offside, and no piercing blow of a whistle from the referee with an unobstructed view of le criminel – the sequence will endlessly loop in the minds Irish footballers from now until, well, maybe ever. When Thierry Henry and France step onto the... (more)

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