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Coachella 2007

By RLSegarra, published on May 1, 2007

... Coachella stage on the left hand side a little ways back so as not be in any way "Sardined" when Rage Against the Machine hits the stage. Manu Chao and his band play before Rage and he comes out and blasts everyone off there feet. In Spanish and English he condemns President Bush, the war in Iraq and explains to everyone that the way to stop terrorism and ignorance is through education and hope. After their killer performance, and as everyone awaits the return of Rage, Manu and his band members return to the fence in front of the stage and proceed to hose down the very hot crowd... (more)

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Reid Sells Troops Up River

By D. E. Carson, published on Apr 20, 2007

...every day, are going to react when they get back to base and hear that the Democrat leader of the United States Senate has declared the war is lost," said Mitch McConnell (R-KY), the Republican leader in the Senate. Reid's words may serve as the most severe blow dealt to Americans serving in Iraq. With this statement alone, Reid has solidified the Democrats' position as squarely anti-Bush and in full support of cut, run and surrender. Reid cited the slight increase in violence in Iraq as the sole justification for his declaration of surrender. Reid's statement comes in the midst of a... (more)

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Inside The Mind of A Murderer

By D. E. Carson, published on Apr 19, 2007

...from Sean Hannity to NBC Nightly News trying to answer the one simple question: “Why?” He hailed from a working-class family who has immigrated to America. His parents operated a dry-cleaning business. His sister attended Princeton and currently works as a contractor in the Iraq Reconstruction Management Office, a part of the State Department. So what would make Cho fly so far off the handle? Jealousy, lust, anger, pride, greed – five of the Seven Deadly Sins can be found in his final words. He was no sloth nor was he a glutton, but he certainly personified... (more)

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California Borders - The American Experience

By KLiedle, published on Apr 17, 2007

...- at the expense of our families and our children. In the coming years, America has a lot of fixing to do. We can compete against each other, but how long can we compete against ourselves? To illegal immigrants and U.S. citizens alike, I ask you: Is this really living? In these times of the Iraq War, when America's reputation around the world is at an all-time low, many Americans seemingly feel alienated by their own government. Clearly, our government needs to focus more on the issues we face here, within our own borders. Our leaders also need to understand how their policies and... (more)

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Weekly Review

By D. E. Carson, published on Apr 15, 2007

...White House’s ineffectiveness.” Frankly, it is the Democrats who are ineffective. They have done nothing but bully legislation through attempting to unseat the president as Commander-in-chief by attempting to relieve him of the Constitutional authority to manage troop movement in Iraq. We are facing a new Constitutional crisis. This crisis is pitting the Founding Fathers of America against bong-smoking, thumb-sucking, tree-hugging, Birkenstock-wearing, draft-dodging, crybaby liberals for the very soul of this country. The men who developed the concepts that are outlined in ... (more)

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Iraqi Cleric Fears U.S. Troop Surge: Calls for Unification

By D. E. Carson, published on Apr 9, 2007

The statement bearing his seal was distributed in the Shiite holy city of Najaf and chastised Iraqi army and police for working with American troops. The statement said, "don't walk along side the occupiers, because they are your archenemy." It also told his followers that "god has ordered you to be patient in front of your enemy, and unify your efforts against them -- not the sons of Iraq" meaning his followers should not attack each other. U.S. intelligence believes that al-Sadr is in Iran attempting to avoid the security crack-down recently implemented by US and Iraqi forces. His whereabouts... (more)

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Evangelical youth group Battlecry brings protest in SF

By pennylane986, published on Mar 29, 2007

...they feel that their presence in San Francisco is not aligned with the city’s ideology of tolerance and acceptance for all, and noted that the organization’s youth are being trained to work for “God’s army,” making connection to George W. Bush and the War in Iraq. Marc Perkel, 51-year-old founder of the Church of Reality, feels that religion is believing in anything that’s real. “This group has been overthrown with war-like imagery,” Perkel said. He noted that he did not like the idea of an intolerant group arriving in the city to... (more)

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Katie Couric Agreed with Me on John Edwards

By Cecelia Hendryx, published on Mar 26, 2007

...I questioned the sincerity of John Edwards' purported deep concern for his wife and young children compared to his political aspirations, and was excorciated by readers for my position. Katie Couric, a seasoned, old media journalist and interviewer - from Columbine to "9/11" to the War on Iraq - also refused to just accept Edwards at his word that this decision would be best for his family and for America. Couric posited to them that the Edwardses might be in denial regarding the seriousness and finality of Elizabeth Edwards' condition. Then Couric went even further than I had,... (more)

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A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand

By Amo, published on Mar 26, 2007

...defined us as a nation, and yet both very different, one a courageous act of preserving the principles and ideals of a nation, the other a random act of violence that tore into those very principles and ideals. And if history is any gauge then we must once again ask “is the war in Iraq a courageous act of preserving the principles and ideals of a nation” or “a random act of violence”, and how should we then be remembered? As a nation that shed its own blood to preserve the freedoms of all men, or as a nation of storm troopers shooting into a crowd of... (more)

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Young People Today -- An Old Fogie's Take

By Charla Howard, published on Mar 19, 2007

...parents until I’m forty. I realize the world isn’t the greatest place to live and raise a family anymore. I don’t really know what could be done about it. It’s something we all live with and push to the back of our minds.” Raphael, 29 and married, fought in Iraq, but doesn’t know why. He may be suffering from post-traumatic syndrome, or maybe he’s just worried too. “Nowadays I have a storage room for future emergencies. Because I’m married, I have somebody else I have to worry about. Before the terrorist attacks, you felt like ... (more)

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