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Cultural Monitors Are Agents Against Freedom

By Credo, published on Jan 4, 2008

...our turn at the condemnation booth. While many of our soldiers go to kill and die is it really important that they do this (go to war) for the right reasons, or do we just blindly follow leaders who has never told the truth on any of their own actions, as bush has never told the truth about Iraq having WMD which means they killed and died for a lie.

You may suggest that patriotism is not to question or complain during a time of war or tremendous crisis within the nation, it is a time to focus our attentions on the job at hand and further to secure the troops that are in harms... (more)

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Diary of a Tired Black Man

By Credo, published on Jan 2, 2008

...American tactics to plan and execute his reign, it looks as if Karl Rove is reading Hitler's playbook to plan world domination - and that is the stated intent of both. From the Reichstag fire to the landing at Nuremberg to the motto of "Gott Mit Uns" to the unprovoked invasion and occupation of Iraq to the insistence that peace was the ultimate goal, the line is unbroken and unwavering. - It may not be Nazi Germany - it might be a lot worse.” (more)

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2007 Was A Good Year For Bush

By Chris Jones, published on Dec 26, 2007

Larry Kudlow wrote a good piece in today's Washington Times in which he rightly points out that 2007 has been a pretty good year for President Bush, and a pretty good year for America. This has been the year of the much maligned "Troop Surge" in Iraq, which thanks to General David Petraeus is succeeding despite the best efforts of Congressional Democrats. America has yet to be attacked again since 9/11, and that much to the chagrin of many is mainly due to the President's aggressive War on Terror. Regardless of what professional haters like Paul Krugman continue to say, the Goldilocks economy... (more)

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Series-We The People-Call Congress Stop $$ War #31

By Rose Mountain, published on Dec 12, 2007

A Congressional bill with funding for Iraq was postponed Monday and again Tuesday, peace activists must call Congress now and stay alert for a possible vote before they leave for the holiday. We must demand they vote NO on funding any Iraq bill unless it pays for troops and subcontractors to come home. Below is news, actions, resources for readers, including a letter sent earlier this year by 92 progressive Congressmembers to Bush saying they will no longer fund the war, and a recent letter to House Speaker Pelosi. Plus breaking news below on Kucinich preparing documents to impeach Bush too,... (more)

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Exclusive interview Don Durant

By Phil Andrews, published on Dec 4, 2007

...with a murder twist. Focused on relationships between women, in all aspects. The GROWTH CURVE, a novel on the mysteries involved in developing innocent relationships with men with ulterior motives. PAWNS - LIVING THE WOUNDS, A novel on love lost and found, after a devastating injury in Iraq. The destruction of a life after the loss of limbs, and a significant plot of redemption against the political power. CRY BEFORE SUNRISE, A Non-fiction book, on the changing corporate structures in the US, from Slavery, to the Industrial Revolution, and on to the War in Iraq. AMALGAM,... (more)

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Series - We The People - WMD Expert vs. White House #30

By Rose Mountain, published on Dec 2, 2007

Since the President and Vice President claim to be concerned about Weapons Of Mass Destruction (WMD) why did they target and "out" the expert monitoring for WMD in Iraq? Valerie Plame Wilson was the expert on Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, a CIA covert agent, until "outed" by the White House and the State Department who gave her name 11 times to the US press which ended her ability to do WMD work and jeopardized the secret information networks she established for the security of the US. Investigative journalists say the answer to WHY is FOR THE OIL and Follow The Money Trail. This article... (more)

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Take This Job and Shove it, Jobs that just plain suck!

By Steven Lane, published on Nov 14, 2007

... aluminum, tin plastic bottles, etc." For minimum wage, these lucky workers get to go arm deep in dirty diapers, dead animals, used tampons and condoms, hypo needles and rotting meat. How very cool! BOTTOM LINE, EASILY THE ABSOULUTE WORST JOB HELD BY AMERICANS.....COMBAT SOLDIER, ACTIVE DUTY IN IRAQ: Making $2000 a month if they are lucky, with "company support" at such a low level that soliders had to buy thier own body armor. Job conditions that are obivously think? It can't get any worse than this. So there's a list taken from multiple lists. This could be a never ending ... (more)

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Series-WeThePeople- Impeach Bill in Congress #28

By Rose Mountain, published on Nov 13, 2007

...truth. In Jan 2006 a Zogby Poll revealed a majority of Americans want Congress to Impeach Bush if he lied about the reasons for war. In June 2005 U.S.Impeachment Poll by ABC & Washinton Post revealed 57% of Americans say Bush "intentionally mislead" the public on the reasons for invading Iraq. Polls at Congressman Conyer's prior Bill for impeachment included both Bush & Cheney, but Congressman Kucinich is focusing on Cheney first,then Bush later. *BILL HR333-"Impeaches Richard B. Cheney, Vice President of the United States, for high crimes and... (more)

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Series - We The People - Censored Media VS Free Press #26

By Rose Mountain, published on Nov 4, 2007

...#1-#20 in this Series at Yet it's still shocking to realize that the US media could get away with censoring the British BBC News which is known and respected worldwide, but they did. The BBC News did major investigations like "Secret US Plans For Iraq's Oil" that reveal the real reason the Bush Admin invaded Iraq was to control Iraq's oil. The secret plans were created within weeks of Bush taking office in 2000/01 with the Bush Admin, State Dept, neoconservatives in the Pentagon, Big Oil companies. The BBC investigation was done by the... (more)

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The Sickest Family in America Ordered to Pay $10.9 m

By Steven Lane, published on Nov 3, 2007

Try this on for a moment. Your son, your daughter, or maybe your sister or brother, is stationed in Iraq. The reasons why they are there can be complex and individual in nature. It's not a political discussion, it's just a fact. No one expected to die that day. Sure, everyone knew they were in the eye of the storm and death could visit at any moment. But, just fifteen seconds before the IED ripped though the armored carrier killing everyone on board, there was conversation, interaction, and probably a layer of fear, unseen but felt by all. And then, in an instant, all the dreams and the plans... (more)

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