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Barack Obama; The Ronald Reagan Of The Left

By Amo, published on Feb 21, 2008

...yet without recrimination, he’s articulate without seeming pompous or self indulgent, and like President Reagan, he seems to have an unwavering belief that anything is possible.

Of course, I have profound and fundamental differences with Senator Obama. I believe, the war in Iraq was justified, and in all probability saved countless American lives, not to mention perhaps avoiding another 9/11, and I believe that the role of government in the lives of its citizens, should be limited.

Yet, as much as I differ with Obama’s views on how to tackle the issues... (more)

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Switching Sides Of The Aisle

By Glenn T, published on Feb 20, 2008 our Constitution it should be something that closes up that big loophole allowing the Commander-in-Chief to conduct a war for five years without getting a Congressional declaration.

Fourth, he’s for the war continuing on to our “victory for lasting change” in Iraq. Enough already. We need to leave. Now. I’ve tried to defend this mess as long as I can remember – trying to leave the tactical and strategic decisions to those most qualified to make them – but I’m afraid those folks aren’t really deciding anything anymore, and... (more)

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More Cattle Less Bull

By D. E. Carson, published on Feb 13, 2008

... when she doesn't get her way. She pimps out her daughter in hopes of garnering young male Democrats to vote for her (just remember, any college-age male voting this year isn't thinking with the head sticking out of his shirt). She thinks that George W. Bush lied about the reason for going into Iraq and if she had her way, our troops would come home tomorrow with no regard to what will happen in Iraq. You can take this next bit to the bank: if Hillary is elected and she completely withdraws our troops from Iraq, that nation will sink into a slaughterhouse that will make Cambodia and the... (more)

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9 Down, 6 To Go..

By Hunter Addams, published on Feb 8, 2008

...the election and law writing process we have today, where the people would have more control over the laws, and representatives. This guy sounds like he may be the first good choice of the group.

The War-Monger, McCain:

This Arizona Senator wants to increase the military in Iraq (even though he had a different opinion not too long ago when he wanted to pull the troops back to the borders), and continue attacking a country that has nothing to do with the "war on terror." Used to critisize Cheney for claiming the war was going well, and, as luck would have it, now he... (more)

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States' Rights Battle Brewing

By D. E. Carson, published on Feb 1, 2008

...asking them to join with him in a rebellion against this latest attempt by the Federal Government to broaden its “nanny state”. Georgia has also made public its intention to ignore the new policy slipped through a Democratic controlled congress and tacked onto a much needed Iraq war funding bill back in 2005.

The act says that all states will be required to issue new driver’s licenses that conform to security regulations mandated by the Department of Big Security. Among those regulations, state departments of motor vehicles... (more)

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Talk About Your Come From Behind...

By D. E. Carson, published on Jan 28, 2008 be president because he believes he can fix whatever is broken in Washington. Frankly, I don’t think he’s about to fix anything in Washington. I think he’s going to be a typical tax-and-spend Democrat who will weaken our national military, cut, run and surrender in Iraq and do everything he can to hand Israel over to the Muslims as well as give Iraq to Iran in the hopes that Mahmoud “Adolf” Ahmadinejad will accept that land in exchange for not attacking America any more. Furthermore, I think Obama and the other liberals in Congress are going to... (more)

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Series We The People Impeach Polls Bush & Cheney #34

By Rose Mountain, published on Jan 24, 2008

...his Judiciary Staff compiled the Report "Constitution In Crisis" which was published with the articles of impeachment as the book "George W. Bush versus The U.S. Constitution" (with subtitles) "The Downing Street Memos and Deception, Manipulation, Torture, Retribution, and Coverups In The Iraq War and Illegal Domestic Spying". Conyers also authored a bill to select a committee to begin impeachment hearings for both Bush and Cheney, and approx 120 members of Congress co-sponsored the bill.

Conyers collected a massive amount of evidenceincluding the British BBC News... (more)

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Pelosi Turns Congressional Cafeteria Into Gourmet Experience

By Chris Jones, published on Jan 16, 2008


You can now get pan-roasted Chesapeake rockfish with sweet potato fennel hash and yellow pepper relish. Or something a bit lighter like Pears with Stilton cheese and watercress.

Staffers who find themselves emotional and weary after a long day fighting for a precipitous withdrawal from Iraq might wish to dine on Cumin-scented leg of lamb with almond couscous.

There are also vegetables with funny names, like bok choy, arugula and jicama. There are baked goods with Italian names, like biscotti, focaccia and frittati.

With the immigration debate raging it only made sense ... (more)

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To Be Patriotic Is To Question Why & Not Just To Do And Die

By Credo, published on Jan 14, 2008

...sovereignty from the clutches of terrorist, soldiers are beginning to ask themselves many painful yet inaudible questions that generally get a negative response from state side citizens who believe them to be unpatriotic for even asking these questions. Are we fighting the war to free the Iraqi people or are we fighting the war to steal their oil, are we fighting and killing to stave off terrorism or are we committing mass murder and ethnic cleaning? Do we have a legitimate stake in this war as Americans or is this claim a corporate one?

Soldiers generally don’t come... (more)

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One Dps To Go

By D. E. Carson, published on Jan 8, 2008

...Adams of the movie Enchanted said, “I won’t be going. I won’t cross a picket line.”

The only good thing about the Golden Globes being canned is that it’s one less night I have to endure wise cracks and stupid moronic comments bashing Bush, the war in Iraq and global warming. All that would make for the best year ever would be for that other dog and pony show, the Academy Awards, to be cancelled. There’s another liberal Hollywood cry-fest without which the world would be so much better off. I hear that Jack Nicholson has a clause in his... (more)

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