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Constitution 101 - The Second Amendment

By D. E. Carson, published on Nov 24, 2006

... easier to defend yourself with a gun instead of a ’69 Charger! The Second Amendment also entitles the United States to assemble an armed military force capable of protecting the nation. The fact that the United States is entitled to protect itself is precisely why American troops are in Iraq. To have not sent them there to defend the United States against terrorists is a clear and direct violation of the Constitution, which the president swears an oath, “to preserve, protect and defend.” The president sent troops to Vietnam for the same purpose – to protect the... (more)

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The Most Dangerous Woman in the United States

By D. E. Carson, published on Nov 8, 2006

...enough to fall for the lies and smears of the Democrats, then they deserve the shaft they are going to get. Time and time again, every effort has been made to present the truth and facts about this election, however, at every turn, the Democrats spun lies and misinformation about the war in Iraq and the economy. In The Washington Post, an article was written about the troops on the ground in Iraq and there was not a single troop interviewed who said that the war was wrong (1), yet Democrats lied, saying that the war is wrong, “it cannot be won” and the war is a failure.... (more)

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“Tomorrow is election day…”

By D. E. Carson, published on Nov 7, 2006

...I read every day in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and even The Washington Post is only half of the story. It happens to be the liberal side, but it is one side of the story. Frankly, I am tired of the kvetching that goes on day in and day out about the war on terror. The war in Iraq and the war on terror are inextricably fused together. We cannot discuss one without bringing up the other. The fact of the matter is that yes, the USA had another option after 9/11. We could have just walked away from the whole thing, rubbing a very large sirloin steak on that black eye we... (more)

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Sadam Hussein Convicted

By D. E. Carson, published on Nov 6, 2006

...only one, Mohammed Azawi Ali was acquitted due to lack of evidence. For all of those who believed that this was a crock trial set up by the United States to get Hussein, one has to wonder why all seven weren't convicted. Interestingly enough, it was brought to my attention that over 650,000 Iraqis have died since Hussein was forced out of power. I was also informed, albeit somewhat erroneously, that the toppling of Hussein was because of oil. Perhaps this is because only a portion of our oil imports comes from Iraq; 5% to be exact. This is behind Venezuela at 10%. But not one... (more)

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Real Estate in Los Angeles - crash or soft landing?

By Dan Maier, published on Nov 6, 2006

...13::1 for households, 15::1 for single males and 18::1 for single females. These ratios grew very large in a small amount of time. This qualifies as a bubble. But what about interest rates? Yes, interest rates did fall to historical lows right about the time we needed to fund a war in Iraq and coincidentally, the start of the housing bubble (thanks Mr. Greenspan!). Just prior to 9/11, interest rates were fairly stable at about 5.75% - 6.25% from 1994 through 2000. Just after 9/11, interest rates fell to about 1%, the lowest they’d been since the year 1958. Combine... (more)

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Hussein Verdict To Come Down Today

By D. E. Carson, published on Nov 5, 2006

It seems that Saddam Hussein, in spite of all of the setbacks of his trial, is set to be sentenced today. How interesting. The accompanying photo (at left) shows the deposed dictator of Iraq quite well dressed in his suit coat, with no tie. However, the eyes give him a look of incredulity.

It is as if he cannot comprehend what is about to happen here. It would be a hilarious photograph if it were in a Halloween movie and he had just heard a "bump" in another room of the house. He could even be a stand-in for Eli Wallach in The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. (Except in the parody I... (more)

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They stole my love

By Thomas T., published on Nov 4, 2006

...and Exxon. It is not to protect the unborn, or to safeguard the sanctity of the institution of marriage. It is simply all about oil. That is not overly simplistic. In fact, it is overly complicating the matter to attach any other significance to their agenda. And I don't just mean the war in Iraq. I mean the entire agenda. It's all about oil profiteering. Those of you skeptical about this simple truth, I refer you to an interview on Showtime's Henry Rollins Show with the maker of the film "Syriana". He makes it painfully obvious and clear, from a well-informed perspective, why this is... (more)

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John the Half-Hearted

By D. E. Carson, published on Nov 2, 2006

On Monday he insulted the troops in Iraq. On Tuesday, he stood before every media outlet in the country refusing to offer any kind of apology for his insult. On Wednesday, he drops a half-hearted comment on his website. Oh, to know what Thursday and Friday will bring. John Kerry, the former presidential candidate and senator from Massachusetts just can’t seem to stay away from saying really stupid things. He slights the greatest military force this world has ever known, at least since the Roman Empire and stands before the public bellowing, “I apologize to no one.” Then he slips a... (more)

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U.S. Bombs North's IKEA

By J. La Mont, published on Oct 15, 2006

... Brandon E. Heinz, Professor of Military Studies at the University of Minnesota, believes this may be a case of mistaken identity. "Bush may have confused IKEA with Korea. Many in the academic community believe that Bush could suffer from illiteracy. This isn't completely unfounded. For example Iraq who posed little threat to the U.S. is very similar to Iran who may. While the difference is only one letter this mistake seriously changed our country's foreign policy," claimed Heinz. Democratic strategist James Carville thinks otherwise. "Of course Bush can read good. What this is about is... (more)

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Paris and Nicole: Life Partners?

By C. Reagan, published on Oct 11, 2006

...apart for so long. Songs will be sung. Tears will be shed. Buzz will be made. All in all, I'm relieved to know the duo is back. In whatever context, friendship, rivalry, or strictly business, it's nice to see a couple reunite after such an affair! Now, if only Paris, Nicole and Lindsay Lohan could all be on a reality show with Starvos, DJ Am and Nick Carter, I'm pretty sure the war in Iraq would come to an abrupt halt and peace would finally be declared in the Middle East. But then, what would we do to settle the beef with North Korea? Brad, Angelina, Suri? Any ideas? Stay posted.


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