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A Taste of Siena

By TheTruth, published on Mar 19, 2007

...showcasing their works on various types of mediums; all focused around one central theme: war. The viewpoints of the artists are displayed through photography, film, canvas, cartoons and even in t-shirt form. The artists were able to stray from the popularity of criticizing the current war on Iraq. Many artists brought to light struggles that aren’t usually focused on such as the crises in Rwanda, Israel and Palestine. These artists weren’t relying on their opinions alone – the pieces were fact-forward and well-researched. Emily Jacir, a popular artist in New York,... (more)

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Oscar's Attempt at Green Looked Black

By D. E. Carson, published on Feb 27, 2007

...have all returned to storage until next year when they are returned to their rightful places in the harlot’s temple. The children of Babylon will again gather to worship themselves and bow to their gods reveling in another year of indulgence. By then the threat of global warming will be a distant memory. In Iraq, defeat will have again been snatched from the jaws of victory as it was in Vietnam a generation ago and with any luck, September 11, 2001 will still be the worst terrorist attack on American soil. As Edward R. Murrow used to say, “Good night and Good Luck.” (more)

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What the Hell is AMPAS Smoking?

By D. E. Carson, published on Feb 26, 2007

...compensate for the CO2, which by the way is a by product of a diesel engine, but God-forbid anyone want to drive one of those… But as is typical of “Holly-weird” Gore’s crockumentary won the award for best documentary. It was up against a documentary about the war in Iraq – more truthful material was contained in ten seconds of this movie than Al Gore has ever said in his entire life. So, again, why did the movie win the award? Because Hollywood is full of misguided, misinformed miscreants whose job it is to entertain the public – not tell the... (more)

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The Case Against The Case Against Iran

By Reza B, published on Feb 22, 2007

... wait, all we did was spread them out of Afghanistan, and into the rest of the world. THE WMD'S ARE EAST, WEST, SOUTH, AND NORTH SOMEWHAT No problem, luckily we figured out that there was a "Prague Connection" between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein. Finally, we had a good excuse to go back into Iraq and take out that despot ”the man who tried to plan to assassinate President Bush" and which incidentally we had propped up for decades. But wait, the Bush administration wanted to bolster their argument for a new front in the conflict now euphemistically called the"War on Terror."

... (more)

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I'm Holdin' out for a Backlash!

By C. Reagan, published on Feb 17, 2007

... “It” girl to have a drink without the media demanding her to check into rehab. Of course, this is all old news. It has become a standard to have a top story on the eleven o’clock news feed into our celebrity obsessed culture instead of informing the public of developments in Iraq or North Korea. Dozens of television shows like “Extra”, “The Daily Ten”, “Access Hollywood” and “E-News” devote themselves to regurgitating daily celebrity news over and over again. But how much is too much? Will Americans soon grow tired of the... (more)

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Get the Troops out of El Salvador!

By Matt Weston, published on Feb 4, 2007

On an anti-war march last Saturday I overheard a woman complaining about the Socialists, about how they overreach and “always want to talk about everything at the same time.” She had no way of knowing that she was describing the rotten core of the Iraq anti-war movement. If you were one of the “several thousand” – L.A. Times’ safest estimate ever? – marching in the rain last weekend, you couldn’t help but notice the proliferation of causes on display: signs pleading to Impeach Bush and Stop Bombing Somalia, reminding us What About Katrina? and of Genocide in Darfur and Occupation... (more)

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They Hung Saddam Hussein today.........

By RLSegarra, published on Dec 31, 2006

They hung Saddam Hussein today, the monster is dead, so now the world is a better place. In the craziness and insanity that is the Middle East everything will be right now, the monster is dead...or is it?

In all the third world countries that throw it's starving people away like we throw away our fast food bags, they will starve a little less, they will cry a little less, they will die a little less because the monster is dead...or is it?

In every country that posses "weapons of mass destruction" we will dance around those weapons a little more secure because those weapons... (more)

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The Debate is OVER!

By D. E. Carson, published on Dec 22, 2006

...yourself to this truth. Failure to fully embrace this truth is done at your own peril. You will have only yourself to blame for your loss. This is the biggest thing since John Kerry shot himself in the foot in Pasadena when he called military personnel uneducated. This will dwarf the Iraq war – hell it will dwarf ANY war. I am now going to reveal to you what I have found in my search… It’s about damn time! This truth, which has eluded so many for so long is now going to be revealed. Once it is revealed, I will not be held responsible for the consequences. ... (more)

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Bush and Cheney: Just Quit

By Cecelia Hendryx, published on Dec 15, 2006

...under the Constitution by the House of Representatives, alleging offenses for which the President or other high official, like the Vice-President, would be removed from office after trial by the Senate and its two-thirds majority vote to so remove. Phew! And now that we've heard from the ISG: "Iraq Study Group," which proffered ways to end the Iraq debacle, why not have the B&CRG, the "Bush and Cheney Resignation Group," which would proffer ways to convince Bush and Cheney to end the Bush-Cheney debacle by resigning? I'd volunteer to be in that Group. I'm guessing, around 70 % of the... (more)

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Humor Me, Hendryx: On Obama, "Right-bots," Andy Dick-wad, Bush, Mel, the Dixie Chicks & More

By Cecelia Hendryx, published on Dec 8, 2006

...and start thinking for themselves. The opposite of "liberals," like me. What is a better nickname for George W. Bush than "Dubya?" "Dumbya." What is an even better nickname for George W. Bush? "The Man Who Knew Too Little, And Lied Too Much And Didn't Care If Every Man And Woman And Child In Iraq Got Killed Just So He Could Save Face...And Keep His Promises To Halliburton." What should we call Condaleezza Rice instead? "Fraud-a-leezza" Rice. something better for the Dixie Chicks? "The Ballsie Chicks." What is a more appropriate handle for Andy Dick? His name already describes him... (more)

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