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The Taming Of The Shoe

By Glenn T, published on Dec 16, 2008

...survive long enough to reproduce] is somehow exceptional when identified in the President) I mean, for all practical purposes, this guy got off easier than the “don’t taze me bro” kid did. Seriously, I’ve seen a more dramatic reaction at an Apple store when the iPhone inventory got low. I take it from this muted response that no one’s taking off their shoes at the Iraqi airports to get screened these days.

By now, this news oddity – the video of which has made it around the world and been viewed and re-viewed millions of times... (more)

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American Cheese, What Does It Really Say About America?

By Lumiere, published on Jul 21, 2008

...capitalism movement, leading the way in solar, wind and water power advancements. Not tagging along like a kid forced to run a three mile race, huffing and puffing becausehe has never run before. Oil is an eight track tape mentality and we need to think ahead, invent ahead and beyond the iphone, ipodgeneration. None of which ideas include polluting the earth, until it is completely unhabitable. The last thing we need is more toxic nuclear power. One leak, and we will physically melt like red butter in the hot sun. No thanks, I will opt for more natural, earth friendly solutions. All... (more)

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Now Drinking And Cell Phones Make Even More Sense Together!

By nhemerson, published on Mar 18, 2008

...3 a.m. when you are at the party he skipped. It just makes sense that we move to the cell phone when we're drinking. It's fast, easy and fun as hell.

Now that mobile Internet is quickly becoming more and more accessible through streamlined cell phones like the Blackberry and the iPhone it is becoming wayyyyyy easier to get the best of both worlds. Calling and texting as well as the Internet all at our drunken fingertips! The best part of the mobile web is all the possibilities that are there for people out on the town. Now, I recently came across, a... (more)

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Switching Sides Of The Aisle

By Glenn T, published on Feb 20, 2008

... great comebacks and amazing upsets. Not so in politics. And don’t go waxing on to me about Dewey over Truman in ’48. For God’s sake, gas cost twenty six cents a gallon and there were only twenty seven television channels back then. Times have changed, wake up and smell the iPhone. There are no modern political upsets – perhaps a few hiccups, but nowadays a little momentum means a nomination and a little more means a seat in the White House. Like it or not, for the most part, we’re a nation of followers, being spoon-fed leadership through that little... (more)

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By Hunter Addams, published on Feb 9, 2008

...The next time you see that guy with his guitar in Washington Square park and think "only in New York.." remember that years ago The Grateful Dead did hundreds of free shows in the city, as did many other musical legends. The guy sitting there now is accepting donations so he can pay his iPhone bill.The great clubs of NYC are now long gone. CBGB's, Coney Island High, L'Amours (now re-located to S.I.), the Limelight and The Wetlands to name a few. And the ones that are still open, have become something so entirely different its not even recognizable anymore. Old nightclubs have become... (more)

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Apple Introduces Dennis Monk-world's Smallest Mac User

By Aaron S., published on Jan 16, 2008

... lover, he is committed to animal and forest conservation, but celebrated for his highly aggressive attitude, especially when defending his employer.

“Hello children. I’m all over these haters who say Apple has lost its edge. Have you even seen the Macbook Air? The iPhone? Steve is one bad, badass motherfucker,” he told journalists at the Apple press conference. “We’re years ahead of anything you pieces of crap can throw at us. And Google? Google can suck my left-”

Placing Monk in his breast pocket with a kernel of... (more)

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Engouement vers le iPhone

By Lyn, published on Dec 4, 2007

Le mobile iPhone tant médiatisé depuis plusieurs mois devrait révolutionner le monde de la téléphonie mobile, dit-on. Sa sortie en France le 29 Novembre vendu par Orange qui a obtenu le contrat exclusif du dernier Apple, est un franc succès. 12 000 modèles i-phone se sont écoulées le premier jour. D'après Didier Lombard, le PDG de France Telecom, il estime en vendre 50 000 à 100 000 exemplaires d'ici la fin de cette année 2007. Le nouveau produit haut de gamme (749 euros pour un iPhone "nu") est-il une révolution technologique? Le design, l'accès internet, le juke box mp3, le stockage... (more)

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Quand le geek devient social

By yael, published on Nov 5, 2007

... sur 'FaceTwitSpace'. Sans compter mon Google Reader qui lui est plein à craquer (175 feeds non lus) et je ne suis pas inscrite à tous les blogs de passionnés de techno et de high-tech. Et là franchement c'est le vide total : je sais plus ce que je veux ! J'ai envie de m'acheter un Iphone, mais le Nokia E51 a de meilleures fonctionnalités, j'ai craqué sur un MacbookPro mais tout le monde utilise du Microsoft pour ouvrir ses fichiers, les blogs de web-journalistes High Tech débordent même dans les grands journaux (ils ont leur mérite je le reconnais puisque j'y... (more)

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Kill Cancellation Fees!

By Tina Dupuy, published on Sep 12, 2007

... is nothing more than a fine. The payment doesn’t benefit you in any way. The only thing you get from paying it is to get away from the company that caused your misery in the first place. In that respect - it’s more like extortion. This is not anything new. But what IS new is the iPhone. The iPhone makes my Blackberry seem like the Model T. Apple streamlined the cell phone. I‘m not one for dramatic declarations - but it’s a revolution! The first time I played with one I got misty-eyed. It’s what us tech geeks have been waiting for our whole, nerdy lives. ... (more)

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What's Essential?

By 'Mean' Mike Duffau, published on Sep 10, 2007

...go to the store and the cashier makes a mistake and gives you more change back. It happens! And we usually keep our mouth's shut and walk away. So now you have extra money in your kick and If you're smart...with that extra cash you might put more food in the fridge instead of buying that new iphone. You're having such a great day that you even get along with the pain in the arse co-workers. Regardless if they're the dumbest sub-human to walk the face of the planet. You make a truce with them and your day goes as smooth as molases. As a result, you can look at them in the face. Your job... (more)

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