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Crisis 2013: Who Faces the Contagion?

By JuliaTyler, published on Apr 3, 2014

Cyprus is a small country that is enlisted in the European Union. The turmoil of the euro zone crisis has been in action since long and the latest effects have hit Cyprus real bad and are as if targeted the country. It was basically a crisis that affected the banking business of the country. Last week a bailout of 10bn Euros had been agreed by the IMF and the EU for the curing of the economy. The bailout deal of the country with the IMF and EU has brought many other small economy countries into light. It received €10 billion as the bailout amount on last Monday to combat the present... (more)

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Saving Money on Holiday Expenses

By JuliaTyler, published on Feb 28, 2014

The holiday season is coming and it is time to start planning for a holiday. Considering the current economic scenario, many people are thinking of ways in which they can prevent themselves from burning a hole in their pocket. You can use the savings for investment and other purposes. Well, with some easy tips, you can save some money on your holiday vacation this year.

·Have a Flexible Schedule

A flexible schedule can help you in saving some bucks on your flight tickets. Along with hotel expenses, flight tickets are one of the major sources of expenditure on a trip. Making some... (more)

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