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Are You Seeing Elizabeth Taylor?

By Randy Mitchell, published on Apr 9, 2014

It’s 2014 and guess what? The fact remains approximately one-half of all marriages still end in divorce.

That’s always a startling number and definitely causes many to evaluate their thinking when hiking and stumbling through the dating world.

However, what do you do if you meet someone you really believe is The One? The only catch or source for concern is they’ve been married before - several times.

Let me share with you some interesting statistics:

The divorce rates of people who have been married multiple times consistently rises as their number of marriages... (more)

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Why Some People Choose to Remain Single

By Randy Mitchell, published on Mar 25, 2014

Everyone wants and desires love in their lives. It’s natural and part of what makes us all human – edgy feelings when you connect with another, making your heart skip in those crazy, irresistible beats.

However, for some it doesn’t mean running to the jewelers, racing inside a church or shopping for furniture together at Crate & Barrel.

Many are content searching for and finding love as it comes and don’t require the legal paperwork people believe makes it valid and official. Love is great when it’s pure and true.For certain people, finding a real soul mate is all... (more)

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Getting Your Sizzle Back

By Randy Mitchell, published on Feb 24, 2014 But what made it change, and what can be done to get those feelings back?

Deep physical and emotional chemistry with another are two different things, although, contrary to certain beliefs, one cannot happen without the other. I truly believe it isn’t possible to sustain physical intimacy over time unless other factors are at play--feelings of love, friendship, respect and trust. But, once you have them, their longevity depends upon how much effort you’re willing to put forth.

Let’s say, you’ve met someone for the very first time and there’s definitely something... (more)

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Books and Movies. The School of Romance?

By Randy Mitchell, published on Dec 4, 2013

...relationship is to read and watch these characters.

Many men cringe when asked to go to the latest chic flicks, Broadway plays or reading of poetry. Their guards go up. Their masculinity suddenly feels threatened and they immediately yearn to say no.

They shy away from projected intimacy and definitely don’t want to end up watching Lifetime or Oprah or hearing their lover recite Danielle Steele while lying next to them.

For many, it somehow makes them feel competitive, inferior and unable to keep up with their women’s heroes.

But if you’re smart, you... (more)

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A Disgusted “Ewww” When Seeing Parents Kissing

By HomeRearedChef, published on Jan 4, 2013

They are immediately disgusted and even shriek a “eewww”, “gross” when they see their parents kissing. Do they not know how we felt when we discovered they were no longer “innocent” in ways of the world?

I mean, let’s get real here. I kept my “eewwws” and “gross” to myself!!

I don’t think our children realize how they make us feel every time they utter disgust at seeing us, their parents, hugging and trading spit. Hey, they do it, too! Just because we’ve gotten older and are now grandparents doesn’t mean the action stops! It just means we’ve slowed down in life, but we aren’t... (more)

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To Kiss With Love

By Uttam Gill, published on Jun 14, 2012

I won’t forget my first kiss when I was 13 year old...It was an experience, I found very distasteful…I felt so awful when girl of my equal age asked me to close eyes and open my mouth…I never knew then what is coming instead I was forcibly kissed and that left me stunned…Not knowing of what is happening then. First time experience was awful. However with the passage of time I graduated gradually to passionate kissing and that and I understood the power of kiss.

An amazing experience...nothing is as fulfilling as kissing...using your tongue to caress the tongue of your girl ... (In my... (more)

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Single and Never Married

By Randy Mitchell, published on Jan 18, 2012

A really good topic, don’t you think? Well, let’s start with some stats.

According to some of the latest reports, the amount of all men who never marry past the age of 44 is roughly 21%, for women it’s 15%. Our nations divorce rate is ever-changing, but Wikipedia states that the overall numbers in the 21st century have decreased compared to the 1990’s. In 2010, it was 48 % under the age of 18, 29% between 18-19, 29% between 20-24, and 24% over the age of 25. This draws opposition to the well-used statement that “over half of all marriages end in divorce.” Clearly, the numbers decline... (more)

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Politics and Bed Sheets

By Randy Mitchell, published on Dec 7, 2011

Sooner or later, while getting to know someone for the purpose of forming a romantic relationship, the subject of politics will eventually boil to the surface. You'll be sharing that bag of buttered popcorn waiting for a movie to start, chit chatting in a restaurant looking forward to your favorite meals to be served, watching the news, or lying in bed when all of a sudden sloppy smiles appear, or explosive hair-pulling begins making the gloves fly off while discussing the latest political headlines. After all politics, and probably religion are two of the most debated subjects we'll... (more)

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By D. Sager, published on Dec 1, 2011

Lightness, adrift but within my grasp always. Your like the blossoms of a tree, brushed off by the wind, yet still you belong to me, though we are apart. We are intertwined souls, mated by nature and God. Soon I shall lift you back up, from my roots you will be reborn to forever be one with me. Your my bloom my love, this tree will always sustain you. I long for you to be on my branches once again, the whole of nature in agreement with the union. Oh how naked am I, my lover! How my branches sway at the sight of you! Come clothe me with your fragrant beauty, and let us be made whole... (more)

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Rate Me Up... Before You Go-Go!

By Maylin Gonzalez, published on Nov 23, 2011

I can't help but wonder, are we in life, who we are in bed? How do the two compare? Who are you in bed? Are we rated?If so, how do you think that you rate under the sheets?

There is ALWAYS a rating system. I know I have one. Different categories, score 1-5 (bad to good), add, find the average and that's your score. Done! If they tell you that they haven't compared you or even rated you, they lie. Everyone does it, no one talks about it.

Here is a step-by-step of the rated categories:

1. Timing.2. Drive intensity.3. Kissing style.4. Foreplay technique.5. Sex.6. Feelings.

... (more)

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