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Combatting Online Threats - Is your Business Future-ready?

By Anthony Daniel, published on Mar 15, 2014 Cyber criminals are increasingly using high-end technology as weapons against finance companies. Approximately 45% of such companies were victims of financial fraud in 2013. The survey is based on the responses received from companies located in 79 companies.

Another internet security survey, which was conducted a few years back, showed that around 63% of US companies faced at least one instance of security breach every year. With each passing day, cyber-attacks are getting more sophisticated and intrusive. They sneak into a network in the form of malware, spyware, and ... (more)

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Don’t Let Quirky Profiles Brew At Broowaha

By Barkha Dhar, published on Aug 11, 2011

...their talent and feel secured in Broowaha’s amorous, kind, and gracious zone. If such comments keep creeping in with fake profiles, it certainly could affect the esteem and eminence of Broowaha’s online community and also of its prolific writers. I just wish the technical team at Broowaha could come up with some strong and feasible solutions or internet security systems to keep a check on redundant and superficial profiles, such as those made by ‘Madam Caio,’ ‘Mr. KRSD,’ ‘ShilaGrandhi,’ and many others that may be waiting in the pipeline if we do not take an action now.


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