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Career Daters

By Mia D., published on Dec 28, 2009

Depending on how you look at it, the personal computer could be one of the greatest dating devices around, as long as you are interested in dating for sport only. However, if you are actually searching for something deeper, a companion, life partner or perhaps a spouse, internet dating could quickly become your Achilles' heel once you have encountered the Career Dater.

The Career Dater (CD) is the most deceptive of all daters because they actually go into the experience with an objective; they want to find someone to pursue a relationship with. However, somewhere along the way, they... (more)

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The Sexual Revolution and the Internet

By Jaci Rae, published on Mar 10, 2007

Sex, society and the Internet. These three explosive topics have elicited a lot of conversation and controversy. Society has always had a fascination with sex. However, over the centuries the fascination has gone from closed doors to open format. What changed society's willingness to discuss and view sex in an open forum? The term Sexual Revolution was first noted in 1929, when Thurber and White used the expression in their book, Is Sex Necessary? However, some historians believe the sexual revolution actually began in the 1960s. Prior to the 1960s, society, as a whole, had a very puritanical... (more)

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