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Get Your Business Off Its Feet With These 3 Tips

By ThomasStocks, published on Jul 12, 2014

When starting your own business, or trying to grow your existing one, there are a lot of things you should consider to do so.

The three tips we think you should give some real thought to include cloud computing, online marketing and a strong business internet.


First of all, let’s start with a strong business internet. For businesses that have relied on their offline business, moving online is a scary prospect, but one they should welcome with open arms.

But, to make sure this decision starts out on the right foot, you will need to invest in a strong business... (more)

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How Technology Has Grown To Help Business

By ThomasStocks, published on Jul 10, 2014 3D printing of construction and health materials, to sentiment tracking technology that enables brands to adjust their marketing messages in real-time based on unfolding events, the business world is changing at a rapid pace.

The Cloud, one of the most significant developments in internet services in a long time, enables businesses of all sizes to save money and become far more flexible, through hosting applications and storing data off-site. With lower start-ups costs and the potential to use only the applications needed, companies have the agility they need to compete in a... (more)

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Unblocked Games Online

By Timmy C. Blazer, published on May 3, 2014

At school and public libraries all over town, the internet connection or the computers are designed to sort games that are often accessed. This limits the function of the computer to purposes of education, research and related activities. However, there are clever methods that you can implement to unblock your favorite game sites both on game sites and on Facebook to make them accessible. The sad truth about this is, at times they will not last long or they can take up a lot of time. Plus, it’s never pleasant when someone finds out and reports you! Here is a site full of unblocked games at... (more)

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Why does google insist on punching bloggers in the face?

By thebritishmenu, published on Aug 26, 2013 thoughts and recipes onto a computer screen in the hope that few or many will read them. Also like many I have this un realistic idea that I should be able to do just that without any form of punishment, I mean it's not like I'm doing anything wrong is it?

So why then does the giant internet eating machine that is google want to penalize the hard working blogger for no apparent reason, and if there is a reason then why not use the novel and new invention of communication, something which normally begins with opening the mouth and exhaling breath over the larynx to form words, or... (more)

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5 Reasons why social media are increasing intelligence

By darinlhammond, published on Oct 17, 2012

Although the question of whether the internet affects our brains did not originate with Nicholas Carr, his July 2008 article in The Atlantic Monthly titled "Is Google Making Us Stupid?"certainly brought the issue into the mainstream media. He contends that Internet use in general, not just Google, changes the brain. The statement is obvious, as all things we experience, especially those over an extended period of time, change or brains, neural pathways, and cognition. However, what agitated people was his assertion that extensive use of the web makes us think in a less complex, in-depth manner.Carr... (more)

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Trolling And Why Its So Popular

By XX_BenDover_63XX, published on May 21, 2012

I am a regular internet forum user and i can honestly say trolling has become a major problem. Many people no longer use sites such as Yahoo Answers and some forums due to the unwanted responses from so called "trolls". I myself do not know why such silly idiotic pastimes are seen as funny. It just comes from people without a sense of humor or any intelligence. Though trolling is an immature pointless activity it is becoming increasingly popular and is further developing into greater and more sophisticated forms. Trolling is destructive and degrading to the creative and intellectual thought... (more)

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The Death Of A Home On The Internet

By terrybubble, published on Feb 22, 2012

Sadly, I do not think that my words can do this story justice, only if you were there in the early days, could you really understand what I am trying to say.

Towards the end of February 2008 a new website was born, it was founded by internet entrepreneur and founder of MySpace, Brad Greenspan. Within a few short months, it became major competition to well known video sharing website YouTube. The name of this site was LiveVideo.

Many YouTube users soon migrated over to this new home on the internet, with the promise of better quality sound and video, but, most importantly,... (more)

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By Uttam Gill, published on Nov 24, 2011

I invite each one of you to undertake journey into the dream World of “Cyberpolis”. I know that you never heard of this word before. You must be wondering about “Cyberpolis”? I was equally wondering when this word I instinctively coined after experiencing the metrics of Cyber world. I understood the prominence of cyber world and its existence. I am treading into the unconventional domain of thinking and perhaps it would appeal your mind too. I wonder at the emerging polis and foresee the radical shift in evolution of our collective thinking. How this is going to transform and what shape it... (more)

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I Don’t Get it. No, Wait, I do. Wait, No, No, I Really Don’t

By Notumbus Bumbus, published on Nov 21, 2011

Right here at the outset I will admit to no longer being “young.” And clearly, not “with it,” as in, I “don’t get it.” Except, I actually do “get it.” I just don’t like “it.” Now, I know there are many who seem to hold to the idea that if one “gets it,” then one must a priori like “it” as well. Sorry, but I don’t buy into that solipsistic cul-de-sac. I “get” that “the people” are fed up with the existing political process. It is quite clearly broken and in shambles. And I “get” that for many this means they have free reign to rail without cease or moral backbones at whatever their fear of the... (more)

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Don’t Let Quirky Profiles Brew At Broowaha

By Barkha Dhar, published on Aug 11, 2011

...further assured me of her phony and fabricated persona.

If Madam Caio was serious and genuine about commenting on my post, she could have made an authentic profile at Broowaha and shared her views as a sensible and intellectual person even if she had a different view on the subject of internet censorship. Madam Caio could have raised a specific and logical argument as to why she thinks internet censorship could be so harmful for social ethics and freedom of expression. Instead she raised a dumb perspective confirming her cold-blooded character, immaturity and a petty mindset.... (more)

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