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Drug users....YOU know you can achieve something?

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jun 3, 2012

Many people will thing you can never achieve when you have a drug problem. How about a drug problem where most people gave up?

That's right, he learnt the secret of how to turn your life around from the diversity of life to the brillant career he created.

Standing back in the shadows, this man not only set out with a change of attitude, he had a goal. Many of the drug addicts today don't understand that a goal, is a future. They have been told so much negativity that they can't see ever achieving anything.

Most of the severe drug addicts all have a similar problem... (more)

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The Gift of Summer

By Randy Mitchell, published on May 31, 2012

We all have certain things which make us feel happier, content, less stressed, and wanting to claim more from life. For some, it’s the smoothness of silk against their skin, the adoring face of a puppy, a friendly encounter, a child’s laughter, or the sensuality of a lovers kiss. True, all these things can bring a huge smile to ones face and they definitely do mine, but I’ve also learned that weather can have a humongous impact on an individual’s emotional outlook, giving many a needed boost after the depressing effects of grey skies among bone-chilled winters. And for me, and many others,... (more)

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Inspiration Henry Lawson and a lone soldiers grave

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 23, 2012

Inspiration for the last 2.5 hours started by inspiration of my surroundings and by who had influenced me during my childhood.

French Street. North Sydney was where my Private Francis had grown up. Many months of research to find the home, the start of the journey that would be documented in some parts by In The Cross Fire.

As I walked away from French Street, the words from the Banksia Man rang loud and clear. Why?

This was circling in my head, Why had I stopped and listened and nobody else had. It was a Sunny afternoon in January. I arrived at my car, thinking I... (more)

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MY MARY...Gone but never forgotten...

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Mar 16, 2012

I haven't said much about what my work has been. I have been so blessed to actually go to a job that I love...that brings purpose to my life. Life is so much better (not to mention easier) when you know where you are going, and what you need to do with your life.

One of my first jobs after my marriage ended was working in a drop-in with street people and the homeless. I hadn't worked in years, having stayed home raising my three children. I was a little anxious to be back out there in the real world again. I had worked a contract position doing community development... (more)

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Candor of Robot Rancor

By p.d.adams, published on Feb 26, 2012

So, she believes, they are bent on the idea of staying on solid ground intellectually. Let it be. Their high and mighty algorithms create go-for-glory blips, making a distinguishable existence the only way to experience life (can simple blips allow any escape from the silliness of their stillness?)

Yes, that's the way she would create her little realities--independent entities that are actually dependent on each other for their uniqueness.

The simple taking of responsibility for an unknown future is surely bravery, right? It would make her brave. It could be her true contribution... (more)

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Spiritual Abuse: Darkness You Can Feel

By Thom Hunter, published on Feb 3, 2012

"Some think to call a terrorist a terrorist is too harsh; Jack the Ripper a criminal worthy of death too un-redemptive, and this letter to you lacking love. For the naive, when you have crossed their path they will be wiser, and I pray for their protection."

-- Ronnie W. Rogers,

Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church, Norman, Oklahoma,

December 9, 2009

When I was a little boy in the days after my father left us, I did my best to follow my older brother wherever he went, at least in his pre-motorcycle days when all it took was tennis shoes and determined stalking. We lived... (more)

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Welcome to your Inspiration Zone

By Shane Joseph, published on Feb 1, 2012

...of us try to carve out oases of quiet to rest the mind and the spirit in order to write. These are precious moments, diminishing as we age, for our fingers on the keyboard eventually slow down and our tiring minds needs longer periods of pause before they kick into – what I call – the inspiration zone.

What is this zone? It’s a storehouse of memories and impressions created from any and all of the following occurrences: a moment of stress or loss, a change of scene, a thought provoking piece of art, a book, a movie or play, a song, a promotion, a demotion, a firing, an... (more)

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The Law of Attraction Is True....I Think...

By Janey B, published on Jan 28, 2012

Judging from the lint sticking to my sweater, I would say there is a law of attraction at work in my life. Judging from my bank account, I would say there may be further proof.

The Law of Attraction may sound dopey to a physicist, but then again string theory is pretty counter-intuitive to me. All I know is that happy people seem to have happy things happen to them, and negative people are usually up to their necks in doo. Why?

I believe expectation subtly influences behavior. If you expect to be rejected, your body language will make it happen. If you expect to be well received,... (more)

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Hit the Road

By Uttam Gill, published on Dec 18, 2011

Ask me not what we are having here in this life; ask me what we don’t have. I am convinced beyond doubt that people all over the world are not into the game which they apprehend to loose. The parameters defined can be erased by the trendsetter and new bench mark can be established. All those proven tracks speak volumes; where once the winner ran.

People are challenging the extremes. The race is transforming a daily business into fierce battle for survival. In this rat race almost everybody wish to rip apart everybody. As long as it fetches pecuniary gains its fine and all actions okay.... (more)

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The Spark

By Lynda Lehmann, published on Nov 13, 2011

...pulse that quivers with hope

in the rubble of man's discontent,

and the flame of commitment

in the rearing of a child.

She lays a gentle sheen

on the tired world on a moonless night,

filling hollows and thickets and stark rooms

with murmurs of inspiration.

She quells the thirst for empty pleasures

and rides the waves of painful days.

She fills old wounds and heals them.

She lights and smooths the steepest path.

She is the balm of my soul,

my intention, my purpose and my passion.

Creativity is... (more)

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