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Autumn Days

By Jack Bates, published on Feb 8, 2014

Brisk, crisp, crackly air drying Sweet smelling moldy leaves Brilliant color swept trees Raining fall down upon us all

Cutting wind out of the Northwest Flowing through their woolen coats To chill the bones of happy children Raging against Life's oppression

Armed with fervent laughter They bombard aging time With playful smiles, warm embraces And limitless, unconditional love

Naive of worldly worries And their slow fall from graces Eventually, all brilliant leaves fall Leaving forests of colorless trees


Tags: poetry, fall, aging, children, kids, autumn, time, innocence

The Year 1602

By JennyT, published on Aug 29, 2013

...and would not succumb to her trickery or look directly into her eyes. Binding her wrists tightly, he pulled her behind him, clenching the lucky stone that was hidden on his leather necklet.

Alison, screamed for him to set her free, she begged and cried with such conviction of her innocence, that he was almost persuaded to feel kindness for her, but he would not falter, this was merely a trick, sorcery and he would have no party to it. He held his tongue.

They reached the village, crowds started to mingle as they watched him bring her in. Her feet now bloodied, her skirts ... (more)

Tags: writing, short story, witchcraft, innocence, crimes, witches, sixteenth century

Let The Lovers Be

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Feb 11, 2013

...of life ,creating

Unending thirst's craving

A consuming hunger undeniable

The snow bringing me closer to your lips...

With the sweet glance of love

Like alchemy I am transformed

Searching for you in a thousand thoughts

An earnest prayer offered to the universe

Manifested inside the window of our hearts...

Let the lovers play with glee

Be lost in the innocence of surrender

Absentminded mischievous mirth

Let there be no worry or questions

Relinquished pure desire....

Let The Lovers Be...


Tags: gift, passion, joy, lovers, innocence, divine, surrender

Snuff Of Innocence

By D. Sager, published on Jan 18, 2012

With the subtly of snakes, he creeps through the grass

Lust on his mind, his tongue tasting the innocence

Peeling the soul away leaving his dying life behind

Pushing his severity on to one left alone

Fear is the knife held to a young neck

Forcing a change, cracking the tender mind

Raising to her feet, looking through the shock

A numbness begins, heaven's after thought to this evil

Vigilance now a trance to see the blurred face of the enemy

Shadows take shape, forever they will chase

Hiding, pulling the dark around like a... (more)

Tags: mind, demon, shadows, innocence, snakes, nightmare, lust, dark, cracked, knife, numbness, quilt, tongue, trance

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