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Why Are Brother Ink Cartridges Preferred By Printer Buyers?

By famousbloggerq, published on Jul 18, 2014

Nowadays the use of inkjet printers is growing and it is completely normal to see that since prices for the Brother printers are constantly dropping. Even Brother ink cartridges are a lot cheaper than they used to be.

We can say that the main reason why these cartridges are preferred by so many printer buyers is the fact that Brother ink is of a high standard, no matter where you buy it from, as long as standards are respected during the manufacturing process. When you compare different cartridge types, you can see that Brother ink cartridges do make a difference.

The Best Brother... (more)

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My portrait is tattooed on my daughter’s arm!

By HomeRearedChef, published on Jan 21, 2013

...from the first time she proudly showed it to me, beaming! I was literally speechless, at first glance. I really didn’t know what to say. And then I heard myself shout WOW! At least I was able to say as much.

But thoughts of her slashing her arm, the deltoid on which my portrait was inked in, or stabbing at it with a knife, if she ever felt she hated me enough (I know because I remember feeling those emotions toward my own mother, when I was young, ungrateful and stupid), filled me with dread. Yikes! Not to worry, however, my daughter is not a violent or irrational woman. This... (more)

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Personality Disorder or Human Emotion?

By Maylin Gonzalez, published on Jun 5, 2012

I have always been someone who analyzes everything, the smallest details never escape my thoughts and i always thought that t was my BIGGEST flaw. Come to think of it, i thought it was something close to my DOOM – perhaps that it would even be my ultimate undoing. Boy was i wrong! I admit, the things i think of and the solutions i bestow upon myself and others, are a bit out there. Needless to say… I’m not normal! As a matter of fact, shit… I am insane!!!

Now i can hear my closest friends/relatives/followers agreeing with me – and i like it. Never really intended to be different nor... (more)

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