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Traditional Dating In Modern Society

By Randy Mitchell, published on Sep 25, 2013

As someone who loves psychology and enjoys observing the intricacies of human behavior, it amazes me how much the art of dating has changed.

I was raised in the 70's and 80's; a time when old fashioned manners still applied. An era when going on a date meant giving an actual face-to-face invitation to the object of your affections, holding the door open as she left your car or approached a doorway, grasping her hand while crossing the street, promptly picking her up at home right on time, and thanking her the next day with a courteous phone call. It was a time when being courteous,... (more)

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Personality Traits of Those Who Cheat

By Randy Mitchell, published on Sep 9, 2013

I recently wrote an article discussing what to do after the object of your affections crushes your heart. Now, I'm going to dive in and talk about ways of seeing the warning signs before things get to this point; to look for the character flaws, psychological traits and common social behaviors of women likely to be loose and promiscuous. Although this article is written about women, it also easily applies toward men.

No matter how you meet the women you date, you always approach the beginning of each relationship with high hopes, especially if you're one whose serious about becoming... (more)

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Walking Away From Unhealthy Love

By Randy Mitchell, published on Mar 7, 2012

... to the other side. By then, the scars are oftentimes running deep, zapping our energy, taking much time to heal. We knew better, and secretly felt inside it would definitely end one day. The omnipresent signs were everywhere: lack of trust, respect, communication, lingering grudges, sometimes infidelity. Yet, letting go of love is never an easy battle to win because everyone wants it so badly. And like flakes of gold found deep inside mountains of earth, true love is the ultimate in human discovery.

I’ve known many who’ve stayed in relationships for long periods of time which... (more)

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Interview with Author Edward F. Mrkvicka Jr.

By JaimeM, published on Feb 14, 2012 might turn from the temptation. And if the line has already been crossed, it reveals how to save our family – and ourselves.

Adultery is deadly – it harms everyone it touches. But there is hope. God has given us a way out, and a way up.

What brought you to writing about infidelity? Did you have specific inspiration to write this book?

I have been a lay minister/counselor since the late 1960s – for whatever reason, many, if not most of the problems that were brought to me, were regarding marriage, especially the matter of adultery. So it didn’t take long to... (more)

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By Lumiere, published on Jun 10, 2011

Four years and eleven months,Infidelity came wrapped with a worn out ribbon

Infidelity came wrapped with a broken bow

Infidelity came wrapped with torn paper like the one you ripped in my soul

The only one who told the truth was the man paid for hire," I don't know how to tell you this but at four years and eleven months, your partner is a cheater, and a liar. On the internet, in person too. I'm sorry, your lover was being unfaithful to you.'

One month shy of our five year anniversary,

Tears fell like raining fire,

burning away edges of dreams built... (more)

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